Weighty matters

I leapt on the scales yesterday morning to check my weight ahead of next week’s meeting with the nutritionist. I am relieved to report, it’s the same as it was before Xmas. Sadly, my modest(ish) alcohol intake over the period has ensured that I’ve not lost any more weight. But maintenance is fine, regression would not be.

The outlook for the next few days is not good: rain and more rain. As a consequence, I may be forced to spend more time in the gym and on the home trainer, not necessarily a bad thing. It’s so chilly at the moment, that I find 2 hours on the bike outdoors is sufficient.

I was lulled into a false sense of security yesterday morning when the sun appeared briefly at around 11 o’clock. As I left the Domaine, I realised it was colder than I’d appreciated. By the time I’d circumnavigated Cap d’Antibes a couple of times, I was more than ready for a cup of coffee at my regular watering hole. 

This morning I awoke to find the coast shrouded in mist and, on hearing the steady pitter patter of rain, turned over and went back to sleep for an hour or so. I got up, eventually, and did an hour’s one-legged interval training. The rain’s quite heavy today and will be tomorrow, but it’s forecast to be much lighter on Saturday, before turning heavy again on Sunday.

On Tuesday night down at the club everyone was moaning about how much [cycling] time we’ve lost this winter to wet weather. Now, it’s official, as reported in today’s Nice Matin, it’s the worst winter in 40 years and the 3rd consecutive “bad winter”. “Bad” being  defined in terms of rainfall, absence of sunshine and the temperatures. Since few, if any, of my readers hail from sunnier climes, I’m probably not invoking too much sympathy here. 

Over the Xmas period, I had the annual sort out of my dressing room. If I haven’t worn it for the last year or two, then it’s off to the local Red Cross. With my weight loss over the past couple of years, the Red Cross has been the grateful recipient of large swathes of my wardrobe.  Also, a  lot of my cycling kit is no longer a snug fit. In fact, scarily, some of it now provides me with the proverbial suit and overcoat. This is despatched to Burkina Faso where it’s probably re-cut to re-equip the entire team. With my birthday fast approaching, I’m going to be treating myself to a new water/windproof top. The question is, which one?

Should it be this one?

Or that one?

Slim and black
Tough choice!

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