The sun has got its hat on, hip hip hip hooray

“Bring me sunshine” I demanded and it’s arrived: not a moment too soon. I was fearing that I would be spending more and more time on the home trainer. But salvation is at hand and the outlook, thank goodness,  is for more of the same.

Although I managed to fit in a ride on Sunday, it looked as if it could pour down at any moment. On my way back, just past the closed for the winter Eden Roc Hotel,  I crossed the path of one Thor Hushovd, wearing his World Champion’s jersey. To my experienced and eagle eyes, I thought he looked to be carrying a few extra kilos and then I realised why. Let me explain.

This season’s Garmin-Cervelo kit borrows heavily from last season’s Cervelo kit highlighted with just a few flashes of argyle. It looks great but I was interested to see what Thor would be wearing, bearing in mind he is both the Norwegian and World Road Race Champion. I believe he’s solved the problem by wearing all three jerseys at the same time: rainbow jersey on top.

Of course, by cycling standards, Thor’s a solidly built rider and part of that very select sub-set who weigh more than me. Although, I should add, it’s a growing pool as the kilogrammes drop off. The World Champion’s white jersey, with its horizontal stripes, does him (and many other riders) no favours. I’d like to suggest to the UCI that the jersey should come in two colours. The original white for riders who weigh less than 65kg, and for summer wear. The second in black, for those weighing more than 65kg and for wearing in the winter, particularly in the muddy races over the cobbles. Of course, the cyclo-cross version of the jersey would only be available in black. Or should that be brown?

Back to the weather. I was woken on Monday morning by loud cracks of thunder but it had stopped raining. I (wrongly) assumed that this was the tail end of the storm. While waiting for the roads to dry out, I decided to run a few errands, and stopped for a coffee. The thunder  increased in intensity and was now accompanied by jags of lightening which lit up an ever darkening sky. The heavens opened, literally. I have never seen so much water fall in such a short amount of time. The roads were running with water, like small tributaries heading inexorably to the main river. No riding today.

Tuesday morning I was woken by the sunshine and immediately felt ten times better. However, an appointment with my nutritionist, and lengthy meetings at the club, meant I only had time for the home trainer. This felt rather like sacrilege. For the first time in ages, the temperature rose above 10 degrees at midday – heaven.

I rose Wednesday to discover the sunshine was still with us. It was rather chilly first thing, as befits a clear sky overnight, but, by midday, I was raring to go. There weren’t too many other riders out on the roads which were surprisingly quiet until I remembered that the sales started today.

Yes, in France the sales have the same designated start and finish dates for every department; except Monaco, where they start a week or two earlier. Parking at the club will be tricky this evening due to its proximity to Cap 3000: Nice’s out of town shopping mall, which will be heaving with bargain hunters.

I circumnavigated and crisscrossed the Cap a  number of times before returning to my regular watering hole to enjoy lunch, outside, in the sunshine. I spent the afternoon basking in the sun in the office, window ajar. That “To Do” List is rapidly being whittled down. Sufficient that I may enjoy a trek to St Raphael and back tomorrow.