Lessons never learnt

In the same way that I’m not big on Xmas, neither am I big on birthdays. Whether my beloved is with me or not, frankly matters not a jot. Part of the problem lies with the date of my birthday: three weeks after Xmas. I’ve also reached the age where I have stopped celebrating with any enthusiasm my advancing years.

My beloved flew in this morning from his 10 day transatlantic jaunt feeling decidedly weary and will be having an early night. I, on the other hand, will be down at the club for the first meeting of the new season with our senior racers. I’ll be taking cheques and handing out licences, while their DS will be outlining the objectives and races for this season. 

So, when friends, ringing to proffer their best wishes, enquire whether I’m dining a deux with my beloved, I advise that I’m spending the evening with 30-odd, fit blokes. I swear I have detected a twinge of envy in the voices of some of my girlfriends. A couple have rashly enquired what my beloved has bought me for my birthday. I would like to have replied “nothing, as requested”. Sadly, I cannot.

My beloved had already revealed, over the phone, that he’d bought me some handlebar lights for my racing bike. This news was not well received. After all, if this was something I truly needed, I would have bought some. What can I say? Men and gadgets!

However, this sorry tale doesn’t end there. Obviously he had far too much free time on his hands. Not knowing when to quit, my husband  bought me a luminous yellow  winter wind/wet proof jacket that will fold up in my back pocket. Great idea and it’s lovely but (oh yes, there’s always a but…), after more years of marriage than I care to own up to,  he still has no idea of my size. He bought me a woman’s size medium: I take a large. Yes, I know I’ve lost weight, but two bits of me in particular have not reduced in size.  I very rarely buy women’s cycling tops or shirts as I find a Men’s medium to be a much better fit. He also bought me a luminous yellow gilet, this time in the right size. He then totally lost his head and bought me two cycling shirts, neither of which fit, because they were so cheap in the sales!

He’s now feeling rather pleased with himself on the basis that 1 out of 5 was well received. I am hoping this will not embolden him to further rash purchases, particularly with Valentine’s Day only a month away. On the bright side, we have a whole parcel of goodies for the tombola at the Kivilev.