Not what it seems

We have enjoyed some much needed sunny weather this week end which has allowed us to venture up into the hills for the first time since, I can’t remember when. On Saturday, I rode with my beloved up to Vence, by way of l’Ara, on my 53 x 39 BMC. I was pretty sure that I wouldn’t have too much trouble, and I was proved correct. Of course, I’m not sure whether it was easier on account of the weight loss, improvements in my fitness or a combination of both. Anyway, I was pleased with my endeavours.

On the way back, when I was (fortunately) riding along quite strongly, our paths crossed with one of the Pro-riders we both know well. He turned around and rode with us for 10km or so. I was pedalling pretty much at my limit while trying hard to look as if I was merely dawdling along. The fact I couldn’t say much probably gave me away. Our friend rode alongside, chatting, hands free, irrespective of the terrain. I want to do be able to do that!

Yesterday we postponed our romantic evening a deux for dinner with our Russian/French/Kazakh friends at a restaurant in Nice. It was at a restaurant where I have never eaten because it seems to have all the allure (and menu)of a Bernie Inn circa 1972. How wrong could I be? Turned out to be a little gem and we had a very enjoyable and inexpensive evening. I now know why the restaurant is always full of locals. You can’t always judge a book by the cover or a restaurant by its menu.

I’ve just gotten back from our annual Galette des Rois which was well attended by the club faithful and a handful of new members. We had definitely overcatered but as ever I was impressed by how much my team mates managed to pack away. They always have to try one of everything on offer and then go back for seconds. Where do they put it all?

My fruit cake, the same one I made for the Presentation of the Teams a month earlier, was again well received with a couple of wits suggesting I cut it up into slim fingers, wrap in tinfoil and distribute during club rides. Of course, with all that dried fruit, and hardly any cake, it is ideal food for refuelling. However, what makes it so moist and delicious is 1) the quality of the dried fruit and 2) the fact it’s soaked in copious amounts of dark rum for two weeks beforehand!

I have a busy week ahead which will have been aided by the departure this evening of my beloved. However, he’s back on Tuesday evening, on the dreaded midnight flight, where he’ll stay until the following Monday. So there’s not a moment to lose.