Karaoke kings

Today was far less stressful and far more productive than Monday. I now had in my possession the “Master Document” and have been able to finish the draft of this year’s brochure for the Kivilev. It has been despatched via email to the printers and I’ll be checking on its progress tomorrow afternoon.

Yesterday evening at the club, my predecessor appeared to be suitably chastened. I do appreciate that he would have liked to continue with the job, but  root and branch change was required and he’s not the man to undertake this task.

My beloved had returned late yesterday evening from London and was today cluttering up the office and demanding to be fed at regular intervals. We rode over the lunch period stopping for refuelling on our way back home, thereby solving the latter problem. I solved the former by decamping to the kitchen and whipping up a batch of Chocolate Chip Cookies as a birthday present for one of my English students.

When I changed over to running the course in the evening, my previous students, all retirees, stopped attending, despite assuring me that evenings were just as convenient for them as the afternoons. I also received emails from a number of members who said they would be attending. I’m still waiting for any of them to put in an appearance. Meanwhile, I have literally been overrun with teenage boys.

Surprisingly, they are attending of their own volition, not at the urging of their parents. My youngest students are both eleven, while the others range from 15-18 years. The entire class is given over to English conversation. Generally about matters current, sport (cycling in particular) and English culture. By making the classes fun and on topics of their own choosing, I hope they’ll learn more easily. So far the theory appears to be bearing fruit.

Cunningly next week’s topic will probably involve more work for me. They want to translate their favourite “pop songs” into French. I’m just hoping that none of these involve any gansta rap. I’m pretty sure neither my grasp of French nor my dictionnary will be up to that task. Just so long as they don’t expect me to sing anything.

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