Month: February 2011

Softly whipped

Much as I love spending time with my beloved, I also enjoy my own company when he’s away. Largely because when he’s home he tends to dictate my daily routine, more by accident than intent. Yesterday, having spent the balance of our Amazon gift vouchers, I had another… Continue Reading “Softly whipped”

Slipping, slipping, gone……………………

In my mind, the necessity to wear reading glasses signals the onset of middle-age. As you know, I’ve been able to avoid (postpone??) this by having my eyes zapped by a laser. The next big hurdle is old age. Maybe not so much a… Continue Reading “Slipping, slipping, gone……………………”

Handily poised

Having devoted yesterday’s post to a round up of the cycling, today I felt I should turn my attention to the football. I will, of course, firstly address the two clubs closest to my heart: namely, AVFC and OGCN. The former didn’t play at the week and as… Continue Reading “Handily poised”

Out the loop

I was only in London for a few days but, away from all that is dear and familiar, I felt really out of the loop on my return. Races had finished without me knowing who had won and, even worse, races had started and finished without… Continue Reading “Out the loop”

Without a hitch

The wedding was wonderful, everything went according to my sister’s meticulous plans and everyone had a very enjoyable time. As soon as my beloved has time to edit his photos, I will post a photo of the happy couple. (Postscript: Sadly none of them… Continue Reading “Without a hitch”

Bike tale

I have recently read a delightful book called “It’s All about the Bike” by Robert Penn. It’s a slim, illustrated volume which takes us through Robert’s quest to acquire his dream bike interwoven with the history of the bicycle and snippets from his own experiences on… Continue Reading “Bike tale”

Corners of my mind

I had a bit of a trip down memory lane this week. I have an embarrassingly, extensive collection of scarves and shawls which occupies three very large trunks. Each item is individually  stored in plastic bags while the more expensive ones are also wrapped in special tissue… Continue Reading “Corners of my mind”

Guns for hire

Sadly, we had a couple of resignations this week. One of our racers who, with another of his clubmates, was leading a race last week end, felt somewhat aggrieved when a third clubmate led the peloton up to them thereby enabling someone else to… Continue Reading “Guns for hire”

Here comes the bride

The days are rushing past and soon “The Wedding” will be upon us. I am referring not, as you might suppose, to the forthcoming Royal Wedding. No, it’s that of my youngest sister. Having taken an unconsciably long time to find her Mr Right, she’s, not… Continue Reading “Here comes the bride”

Red flush

It was Valentine’s Day yesterday, yet another date about which I am fairly ambivalent, along with birthdays, anniversaries and Xmas. I really don’t expect my beloved to buy me anything, and certainly not any of  the traditional Valentine’s gifts, most of which are simply… Continue Reading “Red flush”