Could do better

Today my cycling coach popped around to check on my progress, specifically my one-legged progress. Yes, after the best part of 12 months of practice, it’s official, I’m £$%* at cycling with only one leg. Fortunately, the same doesn’t apply when the two are working together. That’s not to say my technique can’t be improved, but it’s more tweaking rather than wholesale change.

He videoed me, while I was cycling: always a humbling experience. He’s showing me that my foot needs to be extended further to minimise the dead spot while I’m thinking damn, even after losing all that weight, my bum still looks large in black lycra. Now, what was that about the foot? 

He’s going to lend me some powercranks which will allow me to rest one foot on the pedal (as opposed to just letting it dangle) while pedalling with the other. This means I’ll be able to perform this humiliating exercise outside for the titillation of all and sundry.

After the warm up, I began by cycling at an ever increasing cadence. He recorded this too, and showed me afterwards. He says I still bob around a bit in the saddle. I didn’t like to tell him I think it’s the ripple effect. More supportive lycra, should cure the problem.

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