Month: April 2011

Uninvited guests

No, it’s not the outlaw (my nickname for the mother-in-law)! Last week, we noticed a number of wasps on the terrace outside of the kitchen but they soon buzzed off. Several days later, the guardian of our building advised that my neighbour on the… Continue Reading “Uninvited guests”

Fairy tales

Many of my French acquaintances were surprised to learn that I wouldn’t be watching today’s Royal Wedding. I certainly wish the couple every future happiness but, following my sister’s bash, have had my fill of weddings for this year. Instead, I spent a few pleasant hours mooching around… Continue Reading “Fairy tales”

Full of promise

We’ve profited from the fine weather these past few days to log plenty of kilometers on the bike. The weather forecast keeps indicating adverse weather but it’s generally been holding off during the day. The combination of rain and warm sunshine has ensured that the… Continue Reading “Full of promise”

Intrigue, back stabbing and unfounded allegations

A week or so ago, the local Town Hall contacted us saying they’d like to take a look at the Club’s books. No problem, they’re kept in apple-pie order. But we were intrigued as to why they wanted them. Were they going to increase, as promised… Continue Reading “Intrigue, back stabbing and unfounded allegations”

No response

As predicted, young Alan Gilbert made his second podium appearance yesterday afternoon in front of an adoring home crowd. Looking a bit blase, bored even, he tried to enliven proceedings by eating the RTBF microphone. Maybe he was feeling peckish, teething or just at that stage… Continue Reading “No response”


Yesterday we went for a quick spin around Cap d’Antibes. It was a more strenuous ride than we’d anticipated thanks to the wind. We just wanted to spin our legs ahead of today’s ride: La Louis Caput. I spent most of yesterday afternoon down… Continue Reading “Choices”

Phil’s the man

Worth the pain! I’m back from a 4-day trip to Varese and a 4-day enforced internet silence. Yes, we took my beloved’s laptop. Yes, we had WiFi on tap. My beloved forgot to take his charger. Yes, we bought a spare charger in MediaMarkt. No,… Continue Reading “Phil’s the man”

Pretty much perfect week end

Yesterday morning the sun was shining as we set off for a gentle ride prior to today’s l’Antiboise. We basically rode the last circuit of Saturday’s stage of Paris-Nice 2011. On our way back, my beloved tried to lure me up the steep ascent to Chateauneuf.… Continue Reading “Pretty much perfect week end”

Bit of a roundup

After four days off the bike, it was a pleasure to resume my training programme. I’ve been riding really strongly this week, particularly on the climbs, and feel on track for this week end’s brevet, the l’Antiboise, organised by a neighbouring club. Last year, I unwisely… Continue Reading “Bit of a roundup”

Sweet treats

I’m trying to find time each week to bake cakes for the forthcoming Kivilev (now only 7 weeks off). My home-baked goodies enjoyed a very warm welcome at the recent Gentlemen, and I’d like to continue in this vein for subsequent club-hosted events.  The numbers… Continue Reading “Sweet treats”