Yesterday we went for a quick spin around Cap d’Antibes. It was a more strenuous ride than we’d anticipated thanks to the wind. We just wanted to spin our legs ahead of today’s ride: La Louis Caput. I spent most of yesterday afternoon down at the club discussing the finer points of the detailed planning and staffing for La Kivilev. I have put my foot down firmly over the arrangements for the handing out of dossards and last minute registrations. This is my area of responsibility and no, we will not be following the usual arrangements. I have come up with something much, much better. While I was working, my beloved was going through the final checks before riding away on his new bike (an early birthday present), a Trek Madone 6.9SL with all the bells and whistles. He’s a very happy Easter bunny.

The alarm went off at 6am. I rose to check on the weather. It had rained heavily overnight. Indeed, the handrail on the terrace was still glistening with water. We decided to check on the weather forecast. The outlook was for further rain and storms this afternoon. the likelihood of rain was 70%. An executive decision was required. Given the terrain, and the possibility of encountering a storm on the exposed plateau, we regretfully decided to forego the Louis Caput, and went back to bed.

Of course, it’s not rained, although the sky is heavily overcast, particularly in the hills behind us. We could still do the course but, having taken so long to get over my last cold, I am reluctant to risk another soaking while my beloved does not want to get his new bike dirty. Sadly, the outlook for the rest of the week is not great, only Easter Monday looks to be bathed in sunshine. However, we know it’s unwise to look too far ahead as the weather can change quite quickly. We’re now wondering whether or not we made the correct call. If it does rain, we’ll feel vindicated. If it doesn’t, we’ll be ruing missed opportunities.

This morning I am going to continue the Spring cleaning offensive and attack the terrace. This afternoon, I’ll be baking for both the Kivilev and my guests. Both my sisters are over on holiday and will be coming round for dinner on Monday evening, along with my new brother-in-law, who is a fish eating vegetarian. I am anticipating plenty of grief over the weather. In view of our recent sojourn in Italy, I fancy giving the meal an Italian theme with plenty of anti-pasti followed by something from my River Cafe repertoire, probably a dish involving salt cod and potatoes.  Dessert will be a delicious coffee tart served with home-made vanilla ice cream and/or an sticky lemon and almond cake, served with fresh raspberries.

Postscript: It has rained solidly since late morning, totally vindicating our decision. However, I hope it eases off in time for tomorrow’s club ride.

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