Intrigue, back stabbing and unfounded allegations

A week or so ago, the local Town Hall contacted us saying they’d like to take a look at the Club’s books. No problem, they’re kept in apple-pie order. But we were intrigued as to why they wanted them. Were they going to increase, as promised by the Mayor, our subsidy? Apparently not, they were responding to allegations of mismanagement of funds. To say all three of us were outraged was putting it mildly. The books have been duly delivered and they’ll need them for a week or too. It won’t take them long to realise that, far from squandering the club’s funds, we’ve been spending them wisely. However, the allegation, or alleged allegation, clearly dissuaded the Town hall from upping our ante.

M le President decided he needed to get to the bottom of the allegations. We had our suspicions, but needed them to be confirmed so that we could tackle the alleged perpetrator. Suspicions confirmed, M Le President had the possibility today to dig further and it appears that an off the cuff remark, with little thought to the consequence, has been taken totally out of context by officialdom. Once vindicated, we intend to beard the Mayor in his den. If he doesn’t pay up, they’ll be no more cakes for him. That’s a promise, not a threat.

However, that wasn’t the only scuttlebutt down at the club today. Our ever, over emotional Directeur Sportif has thrown in the towel. This being France he has, strictly speaking “jetter l’eponge” (thrown in the sponge). Yes, he’s fed up with the antics of the senior racers. They don’t attend meetings, reply to his emails or provide him with their results. Whether we have anyone else willing to step into the breach is, as yet, uncertain. I must confess that, at times, they are a bunch of prima donnas who have no idea of the impact their lack of action has had on our hard working and unappreciated DS. I am anticipating that they’ll kiss and make up before the week’s out.

After launching a far and wide call to arms, we now, thank goodness, have enough volunteers for the Kivilev. That’s a relief, we can now turn our attention to the all important question of provisions. Exactly how much food will we need? To be honest one never knows until the final moment exactly how many are going to take part. It’s a question of extrapolation. We see how many people have signed up by the end of the week, by comparison with last year, and base our estimates on that. Last time I checked, it was only 6. The same time last year, we had 3. So, we’re going to have twice as many? No, inscription on line has fudged the basis – back to the drawing board. I do know that, irrespective of the number of participants, how ever many cakes I make, there won’t be any left.

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