Month: May 2011

Kivilev post-mortem

One of ours! What can I say? The weather was fantastic, the event was well supported and everyone enjoyed themselves. The local rag gave us a two page spread in the Sunday paper – unprecedented. Amael Moinard and Geoffroy Lequatre (wearing his G4 Dimension kit) both kindly rode… Continue Reading “Kivilev post-mortem”

La Kivilev

I have just spent all day pleasurably toiling in the warm sunshine handing out dossards and signing up participants for tomorrow’s, rather today’s event. If I’ve had such a tiring day why aren’t I tucked up in bed? Good question. I have been working in the… Continue Reading “La Kivilev”

Closing in on D-day

The countdown to Saturday and La Laurentine Andrei Kivilev has started. I’m slowly ticking off all the things to do on my list. It’s another lovely morning and I’m going to ride over to my appointment with my nutritionist. The weight is continuing to disappear, more… Continue Reading “Closing in on D-day”

Garibaldi’s Giro VII

It’s perhaps only fitting that on the Giro’s rest day I quickly reflect on the 3 day festival of pain and suffering the riders have just endured. Frankly, it was pretty exhausting just watching, let alone riding: long days in the saddle, lots and lots of tough… Continue Reading “Garibaldi’s Giro VII”

Honey-packed week end

My beloved has gone, my unwanted guests have gone and I’m looking forward to a few idle hours on the sofa watching the Giro, stuffing envelopes with numbers and tombola tickets and making my lists, before bursting into action in the kitchen again. The past few… Continue Reading “Honey-packed week end”

Garibaldi’s Giro VI

Unfortunately, due to more pressing commitments, I’ve only caught bits of the last few day’s of the Giro. Even worse, I have fallen asleep during transmission of the Tour of California. Why is it that when I watch transmission of the former I am… Continue Reading “Garibaldi’s Giro VI”

Mistaken identity

I had arranged to collect my friend for his hospital appointment at 12:45, aiming to deliver him to the hospital promptly for his 13:30 appointment. When I arrived to collect him, my friend and his wife both looked concerned and explained that it might… Continue Reading “Mistaken identity”

Sweet and savoury delights

The weather this week is forecast to be truly fabulous, it then takes a turn for the worse. This is not what we want. As I discovered last year, most people sign up for the Kivilev either on the day before the price rises (ie a… Continue Reading “Sweet and savoury delights”

Super Sunday

I seem to have spent the week end unsuccessfully dodging cloud bursts. Having decided to skip yesterday’s La Vencoise we enjoyed a lengthy ride along the coast, arriving home just after the rain started. Meanwhile, the 400 riders who started La Vencoise enjoyed mixed fortunes. If… Continue Reading “Super Sunday”


When you’ve been as happily married, for as long as I have, people inevitably turn to you for advice on their love life. I am, of course, the worst possible person to ask for advice. I have no idea what it’s like out there… Continue Reading “Lovelorn”