Staying at home

I’ve been oddly silent these past few days and you might (or might not) just be wondering what’s happened: absolutely nothing. I’ve been out riding, lots. Yes, the weather’s been fine and I’ve been out on my bike, with my beloved, over some testing terrain and I’m now feeling in really good form. It was a good decision to stay home from the Tour de Suisse.

Friday morning a quick check on the weather forecast help make up our minds: sunny here, stormy at intended destination. We cancelled our trip. The 2012 Tour de Suisse prologue will also be held in Lugano, the town struck a 3-year deal, so we can always go next year. I was more sorry to have missed the prologue challenge which gives amateur riders an opportunity to ride the course in the morning. The winner however is not the one who posts the fastest time. No it’s the rider who best guesses the difference between his or her own time and that of the professional winner, obviously one Fabian Cancellara.

One of my Swiss friends went round the course on his motorbike, to better imitate Spartacus’s time and trajectory, and rode the course numerous times before Saturday morning which dawned fair and sunny, quite contrary to the forecast. On the day, he hung around too long at the start and set off in effect “cold”. As a consequence, he altered his estimate. Sadly, his original one would have won him the competition.  I confess I like this concept and wonder why more organisers don’t adopt it.

As I said, the weather here’s been fantastic and the temperature ideal for cycling. Although it’s been a Bank holiday week end, there’s not been too much traffic and, on those days when it’s been very cloudy on the relief,  we’ve ridden along the coast roads. The combination of sun and storms has left the countryside still relatively lush with bright splodges of colour provided by the blooming  fuchsia bougainvilleas and the pink, white and red blossoms on the oleanders.

I’m coming nicely into form for this week end’s La Sisteronne, or I would be were it not for the fact that it’s been cancelled. I was advised last week that they’ve not received approval from the Prefecture for the road closures. Fortunately, I was able to cancel our hotel booking without any penalty, others may not have been so fortunate. It’s rather a shame as I enjoyed doing this sportif two year’s ago and was looking forward to riding both courses with my beloved. Instead, we may ride a sportif in the L’Esterel on Saturday. It would be a shame to waste my excellent form, I even overtook riders going uphill today, practically unhead of……………………………..

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