Fine form

As I’m not going to be able to cycle while in Italy and Spain, I’ve tried to make the most of this week. The weather’s been lovely since last week’s storm really cleared the air and lowered the temperatures a notch, although it had become increasingly more humid as the week progressed. Freed from the strictures of riding with my beloved, I have been pursuing my training plan with gusto and have a couple of “new best times ever” for several of my regular routes. Keen to retain this form, I will however be running, swimming (weather permitting) and walking briskly whenever the opportunity arises.

I was supposed to rest on Monday and swim on Tuesday but I turned a rare blind eye to the training programme. I did my favourite interval hill sprints on Monday and on Tuesday rode with a friend who lives on a particularly steep hill. I was in fine form on Wednesday and blasted past numerous riders on one of my favourite 4% inclines. Thursday and Friday I sought out shaded routes. Today I set out early, mindful of the weather, and managed to arrive home just before the heavens opened for the first time. It’s rained on and off since and we awoke this morning to the promised storms.

Life is slowly returning to what generally constitutes normal in the Domaine, as family and friends depart for home. The new term starts on Monday and everyone is getting ready for “La Grande Rentree”. I won’t start this season’s English course until I get back from the World Championship’s in Copenhagen however my pupils have been keeping me up to date on their progress with their respective projects. From the sound of it, both have really made an effort and I’m looking forward to seeing what they’ve done.

As I’ll still be in Italy on Tuesday, I’ve had to postpone  my next rendezvous with the nutritionist. The scales have been moving in a steadily downward direction and I don’t want to jeopardise my progress while I’m away for the next week or so. Only another month and I’ll have been visiting her for a year. The results are visible  but you’ll just have to take my word for it as they’ll be none of those before and after photos in bikinis, or anything else for that matter. When I reach my target weight, I’ll change my photo on the blog and on Facebook but that’s as far as I’ll go. I’ve been drinking a lot of water the past few days which I’ve found helps with dispelling the water retention. When I was back in the UK, I lost the additional 4kgs of water but put them slowly back on in the warmer weather here.

While I’m away both my sisters will be here. They have really chosen their dates badly this year as I usually pick them up and deliver them back to the airport. It’s not far to walk to their holiday apartment from the airport but neither of them travels light. The weighty issue seems to be the small sub-branch of Boots required for each excursion over here despite a heaving bathroom cabinet in the flat.

I’m still working on my recipe for my Vuelta cake, for one of my friend’s who’s riding in it. I’m making him one that has very little fat in it, as per his request. I’m using apple puree as a butter substitute. But I’ve found it doesn’t work quite so well in an all chocolate cake so I may go with the banana cake studded with chocolate chunks.