Mutton dressed as leopard

You’re possibly wondering what, if anything, did I bring back from Copenhagen? Well, we’ve already covered the Mark Cavendish autograph. My friend Bert always gives me a load of New Zealand memorabilia: pens, coasters, mobile phone holders, key rings, bidons and notepads. These, along with anything else cycling related that I pick up, get put into the club goodie box for members to help themselves. My beloved asked me to get him some Remoulade sauce. I usually buy it in Germany but the Danish version is superior and, IOHO, there’s nothing better with cold roast beef and saute potatoes. I also bought some salty liquorice. Again, you can get this in Holland and Germany but I prefer the Danish as it’s saltier.

I really wasn’t intending to buy anything until I got to the airport which is one ginormous shopping mall and enables Danes to save on the vat. I now understand why you can check in 3 hours ahead of your flight and they provide shopping trolleys for all your shopping bags. I bought some liquorice syrup and powder at one of the specialist food stores along with some chilli flavoured liquorice. Expect me to be experimenting with this flavour for the next couple of months.

In addition, I have a friend who collects ornamental bells, so I bought her one from the Georg Jensen Xmas 2011 collection. I then had 80 Danish Kr left in change which I spent in H&M, not your usual duty-free store, on a leopard print scarf.  I have noted that animal prints were not just a passing phase last winter and again feature strongly. However, I do feel that anything more than accessorizing with these prints leaves one looking rather more “Bet Lynch” than’s advisable. Particularly if teamed with gold hoop earrings, also making a comeback.

I also seem to have brought back a head cold. The tickle in my throat from yesterday afternoon has escalated into a full blown sore throat and head cold. This is very unfortunate as I was looking for a new best time on Sunday on the ascent to Fort de la Revere via Col d’Eze. I missed this event last year because I was in Australia. The year before, I was 2nd in my age group, but last overall. Unless there’s more riders in my group, I suspect the overall result might well be the same, but I was hoping for a significant improvement in the time of my ascent. I’ll stay home today and see if I can shake it off. I’ve plenty to occupy me as it’s a quarter end, but I’d far rather be out on my bike.