Out with the old

Having dropped my beloved off at the airport early this morning, I resisted the inclination to slip back under the covers. Instead, I decided to press on with the admin and then go for a short ride. At some point the weather will turn, but until it does I want to profit from the on-going fine weather. You can sense that autumn is just waiting to pounce. Meanwhile, the earth’s still looking quite scorched and we’re still on fire alert pending some rain. I don’t know for sure but I would guess that the weather’s been great for the local wine harvest in Bellet.

Since getting back from my ride, I’ve been indulging in some cathartic clearing up and clearing out. I now have a large bag of clothes (too big) to take down to the local charity shop. You might be thinking that among the petite French that there’s not much call for larger sizes. Au contraire, being rarer than hen’s teeth, they’re much in demand. And, let’s face it, you can make something smaller but you can’t make it bigger!

I’m now feeling decidedly virtuous and have returned the flat to apple-pie order following the departure of he who loves to make a mess. He’ll be gone for three days and will be staying with my younger sister in London while he attends a series of meetings. He’s then home for an entire week before we both go to Birmingham, him to an exhibition and me to visit my parents.

This burst of energy hasn’t however reduced the ironing mountain which is again getting dangerously out of hand. So out of hand that I had to iron some shirts for my beloved’s trip. He’s not quite exhausted his supply, but he wanted to take the shirts which went best with one of his jackets, and they all needed ironing.

I’m looking forward to a longer ride tomorrow as I’m facing a long evening of meetings. First, the weekly meeting down at the cycling club and then we’ve been summoned (at short notice) to a meeting of the local sport’s federation down at the Town Hall, with all the other clubs. We have no idea why but no doubt all will be revealed at the meeting. However, it will provide us with an ideal opportunity to discuss a joint marketing initiative with the Triathlon Club which holds its annual event the Sunday after the Kivilev. There has to be scope for us to work more closely together.

Postscript: Two hour meeting at the Town Hall was a complete waste of time.  Nothing they had to say was of any relevance to us. In fact it all seemed to hinge around just a few of the other sports clubs but I suppose they didn’t want to appear to be picking on them!

Got home feeling rather weary only to discover my beloved, who’s now firmly ensconced in the dog house, had sent me a long, legal document to review and correct before tomorrow! A document which he clearly hadn’t even bothered to read before heading for a boy’s night out with his brother.

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