Total washout

Not what was wanted

After a few cold, damp days back in UK, I was so looking forward to getting back home and going out on my bike. Late Sunday afternoon I just had a quick warm up on the home trainer in anticipation of yesterday’s ride. After a greyish start,  at lunchtime my beloved and I donned our kit, grabbed our bikes and exited the building only to discover it had started to rain: yet another session on the home trainer. I was woken in the early hours of this morning by the sound of gusting winds. Sure that they would keep the forecast rain at bay, I turned over and went back to sleep only to be rudely awaked by the alarm. Time to drive my beloved to the airport. As we left the garage it was obvious that my hopes were totally unfounded: it was pouring. In fact, visibility was a bit of an issue and I was pleased that there was so little traffic on the road.

Returning home, I resigned myself to another session on the home trainer. My cycling coach sent me an SMS with his suggested training session. I had to perform a series of pyramid accelerations sandwiched between a warm-up and cool down. The poor chap has been recently grounded firstly by tendonitis in the knee and then a broken collarbone which he’s had pinned this evening as the bone broke in another place last week end. It’ll be a while before we go riding together again. But you’ve got to feel sorry for his wife. It’s half-term, the kids are home and she’s got a husband underfoot who’s usually out burning up a gazillion calories and getting high.

Despite today’s truly horrendous weather the outlook for the rest of the week suggests that I might be back on my bike as early as tomorrow. My coach texted me a few training suggestions shortly before he was due to go into surgery this evening. I wonder if he did that for all his clients? I would normally ride over to my monthly appointment with my nutritionist, but obviously not today. It’s well nigh impossible to park near her office though I did manage to do it today. Otherwise, quite frankly, the water absorbed by my clothing, while rushing from car to office, would easily have cancelled out this month’s weight loss.

This evening, as usual, I spent a couple of hours down the cycle club where, thanks to the weather, attendance was muted. This meant I left earlier than anticipated enabling me to get back for a bit of baking for tomorrow’s English class. I’ve recently acquired Dan Lepard’s (no relation to Def) latest treatise and have found a delicious chocolate cake recipe that I think they’ll enjoy. One can never have too many chocolate cakes in one’s repertoire as they’re universally loved, especially by my target audience of teenage boys.

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