You want how much?

Allegedly you can buy fans for your blog. I kid you not. I have received  a fair amount of spam alerting me to this practice. Obviously they’ve not read my open letter to spammers. Or, they have and they’re getting they’re own back. I declined to discover exactly how this might be achieved aka I hit the “delete” button. To be honest, I’m not sure why you would even want to engage in this activity. After all, only I and the people at WordPress know how many visitors my blog attracts. It’s our dirty little secret, until somebody hacks into my WordPress account. .

I have already inadvertently discovered that you can drive visitors to your blog with suggestive titles. Of course, the visits are fleeting since you’re not offering what they’re seeking. A few of them do browse but I sense I fail to retain their interest. I don’t have the right sort of lycra lovelies. My most regular visitors are my subscribers, family and friends. To be honest, I write the blog for my own amusement, so it really wouldn’t matter if no one dropped by. I quite enjoy recording my thoughts, views and musings. If someone finds them interesting or entertaining, so much the better. However, I’m seeking neither fame nor glory, not even my 15 minutes’ worth.

Of course, if I were hoping to win the blogging equivalent of an Oscar, I would presumably need to drive traffic to my site to vote for me. Likewise, if I were expecting to earn a living from blogging. But neither’s the case. No, low cost and low key’s much more my style. The thought of actually incentivising people to visit the blog sounds somewhat desperate; the blogging equivalent of “Billy no mates”. Do people who write blogs constantly check to see how many visitors they’ve had and which blog entries have been read? I don’t know, you tell me.

One indicator of blog popularity might be the number of comments you receive. But even those can be deceiving. l read a number of blogs but rarely feel moved to comment. I think that’s called lurking. However, I do comment from time to time when I agree with or empathise with the content. But, when pressed for time, which seems to be just about all the time recently, I just read the few I enjoy and rarely trawl further afield. There’s just too much data out there and sometimes, not enough information. Unsurprisingly, the sites I visit most tend to cover one or more of the following topics cycling, MotoGP, cookery or football. No surprise there!


Postscript: You can also buy friends on Facebook!!!!