Month: January 2012

High rise cycling

I’m in Dubai for the cycling. Yes, I do know the Tour of Qatar starts next week and, no,  I haven’t got my dates and dunes jumbled.  Extreme Polish cyclist Krystian Herba was in town to break records – Guinness Book of Records. Yesterday, to celebrate the… Continue Reading “High rise cycling”

No ordinary cookie

The past few days I have been fighting  a rearguard action but I’ve caved. It’s official, I have a cold which I’m now feeding with my favourite remedy – hot toddies. I think it was made worse spending a couple of hours down a cold,… Continue Reading “No ordinary cookie”

Righteous indignation

During the winter months the clubs hosting pointages often award extra points if you pick up a ticket en route. This is generally a carrot to encourage you to cycle a bit farther and wider. I left the flat about an hour after my beloved,… Continue Reading “Righteous indignation”

Live the dream

While I was enjoying my post-work out coffee and L’Equipe a little announcement caught my eye. Sebastian Vettel’s been awarded the Grand Prix 2011 from the French Academy of Sports. Well done Seb but that wasn’t what provoked my interest. Among the various awards was one for… Continue Reading “Live the dream”

L’Equipe poll

At the beginning of each year, L’Equipe journalists pose ten key questions about the forthcoming cycling season and ask their readership to vote “Yes” or “No” to each question. Here’s the questions and the all-important results:- 1. Are the Olympic Games going to be… Continue Reading “L’Equipe poll”

Not enough points

After a few days back in the UK, I was literally chomping at the bit to get back on my bike. Not long after I’d landed on Saturday morning, I rode for a couple of hours with my beloved. It felt so joyous to… Continue Reading “Not enough points”

Out of sight, out of my mind (not)

Visits to my family in the UK are such rare occurrences that I never take my laptop with me. Not, of course, that my parents have access to the internet. But, even if they did, I would feel guilty spending even half an hour… Continue Reading “Out of sight, out of my mind (not)”

I might know your secret

I rode on my own yesterday and it was such an enjoyable ride it forcibly reminded me why I love being out on my bike: freedom. I rode one of my regular winter week end routes and was loathe to get back, but I knew my… Continue Reading “I might know your secret”

Debits on the same side as the window

The club’s AGM is by and large a rather boring affair, apart from the food and the prizegiving. In case you’re interested, I have yet again, for the third (or is it fourth, I’ve lost count) time in a row, made a clean sweep of the… Continue Reading “Debits on the same side as the window”

Off season, what off season?

Cycling clubs don’t have off seasons, we ride all year round. Our season is dictated either by the federations or associations to which we’re members, and who run the various events, and our financial year. This year or, I should say, this past 15 months… Continue Reading “Off season, what off season?”