Another day, another post! I don’t expect this will last long. I’m feeling fatigued from yesterday’s ride with my coach. We’re playing catch up after he was “hors combat” with his broken collar-bone. I set off early to have coffee with some Australians with whom I had been in correspondence for over a year and who’re holidaying here briefly as part of a longer trip around Europe. This meant I had to channel my inner-Spartacus to make my appointed time with my coach. This particular ride usually takes over an hour but I had barely 40 minutes to spare. I made it, but paid for it the rest of the morning.

I’d worked up a good sweat in my stylish new G4 kit but, as we rode down the shaded Vesubie valley, I  became totally chilled. When I’m cold, my body seizes up. I was struggling. My coach rode ahead of me so that I could benefit from his slipstream. As ever, I didn’t have the heart to tell him that as he’s half my width, there’s little or no benefit to be had.  For the first time ever on our rides together, I had to stop for an injection of Coke, it’s the only thing that bucks me up. I was sorely in need of fortification.

By the time I got back home, I’d been in the saddle for six hours. I wasn’t hungry but I did feel dehydrated. After a liquid lunch (soup) I could barely keep my eyes open and dozed off on the sofa, rousing only for the last few kilometres of the fifth stage of the Tour de Suisse. My legs were feeling decidedly lead-like again.

My beloved is thankfully away until this evening so I’ve been able to press on with the housework as we’ve a guest arriving this week-end. It’s one of my English pupils and the younger son of some dear friends. While many might not fancy the prospect of a teenager for two weeks, I’m relishing the occasion. His mother was concerned I might find him too tiring. I’ve reassured her that’s not going to happen! In fact, I have an action packed programme for the two of us and I, for one, can’t wait.

I was up early this morning, finished a short piece for VeloVoices. While a lot of the writing is programmed, I do like to respond to news items or do things on the spur of the moment. Lucky then that I have understanding editor(s). With the Tour just around the corner, we’re going to be busy, busy, busy so I need to “bank” a few pieces to relieve the pressure.

My friend who’s cycling from southern to northern France, in aid of charity, kindly sent me a text to let me know she was okay. The first three days were going to be the most tiring but she’s survived those and it now sounds as if she’s beginning to enjoy the adventure. I shall look forward to hearing all about it on her return.

The Nice Ironman organisation have been dealt a bitter blow. Their star turn, Lance Armstrong has been banned pending a USADA investigation into an alleged doping conspiracy while he was a top level cyclist. Of course, there’ll be plenty of other top athletes taking part and I’m looking forward to meeting with some of those I was fortunate to meet last year while working on the G4Dimension stand. This year, they’ve secured a plum spot in the village, right next to the LiveStrong stand. While I’m working, I’ll be leaving my young guest in my beloved’s capable hands.

Our three-year tenure at the helm of the cycling club ends this year and I, for one, have been making plans for next year. I never intended to take on quite so much work but as others have fallen by the wayside, I’ve assumed more and more responsibility. I’ve done it partly on the basis that “it won’t be for long”. I did set out my ideas for re-organising things so as to share out the workload and sent it to M Le President last year but it was clear he’d never even bothered to look at it let alone discuss it with me. After, the success of this year’s La Kivilev, he’s decided he will stay on as President if we can find a few more willing souls to lend us a hand.

Now I thought about this long and hard but I have no intention of extending my term of office. My fellow members have embarked in recent months on a charm offensive but I’ve worked in investment banking, and hence, with some of the best bull-shitters in the business, so remain unmoved by their blandishments. There’s a meeting of like minded souls this evening at the club to see if there’s enough people willing to take up the reins. As I’ve discovered to my cost, people love important sounding titles but, in reality, don’t want any responsibility. I therefore have no desire to remain part of the management team and get dumped on again. Meanwhile I have everything in apple-pie order ready to effect a handover at the end of the year, something I never benefited from. Actually, I’ve set up most things so that they can just be copied, pasted and blindly followed.

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