So, how’s it going?

So far, so good! Looking after two teenage boys has proved no more taxing than looking after my beloved. If anything, it’s easier. They’re far tidier, willing to give me a helping hand and I don’t need to don a Hazchem suit to clean their toilet and bathroom. I’m fond of saying that I haven’t met the man I’d swap my husband for however I might just be tempted to swap him for two delightful teenage boys. Unfortunately, I don’t think their Mum will go for my suggested swopsies. Still, it’ll be worth a try. It’s the first time she’s been parted from them but they seem to be coping better than her.

The most taxing bit of their stay has been the school run which can take anything from 1-11/2hrs a round trip but since school finishes on Thursday, it’s not really going to be an issue. School already seems to be in holiday mode as they’re indulging in all sorts of fun activities as the term winds down. No homework during the holidays either. However, I like to give my pupils a little project to keep their minds active over the long summer vacation, and this summer will be no exception. One of my pupils is going to keep an illustrated diary of his two-month stay with his relatives in the Atlas mountains. The other’s doing a project on Barcelona FC.

When my beloved’s home, I always seem to be nipping to the supermarket and, obviously, feeding two teenage boys who can inhale half their bodyweight in food at a single sitting, means the trips are more of a graze than a nip. However, they eat whatever I put in front of them, a bit like my beloved. To be fair, I have gone for crowd pleasers and there have been no complaints, just requests for seconds.

Today’s a half-day: school in the morning, play in the afternoon. So while the older one is taking all his Bac exams this week, I’ve been amusing the younger one. Today I’ve invited round his fellow English pupil, another cycling and football fan. I’ve managed to keep up with them on our rides by riding my road bike while they’re both on mountain bikes. Now I know I beat the boys who live on the Domaine in a couple of races last year, but they were boys with bikes. These two are cyclists. There’s a world of difference.

Cycling over, I packed them off to the pool while I prepared dinner: home-made burgers, coleslaw and chips followed by chocolate and caramel ice cream sundaes. I know, irresistible! They’re now playing badminton with a couple of very pretty girls – boys will be boys! Dinner’s prepared, I just need to cook it whenever they’re ready to eat which I assume will be when the girls have to go in for theirs!

Of course, it’s far easier keeping kids occupied when the sun’s shining, but I do have a Plan B should the weather fail me, but I don’t think it’s going to. Of course, it’ll be interesting to see how my beloved fares with them flying solo on Friday while I’m working at IronMan, Nice. Next week I have a whole bunch of activities lined up, plus plenty of cycling.