Being British, I still tend to obsess about the weather. It is also partly one of the reasons why I moved here. Every morning a weekly weather forecast for the area where I live is delivered to my in-box. It is remarkably accurate in the short-term and highly indicative in the long-term. On my return from Limburg, I was looking forward to getting back on my bike and enjoying the last of our Indian summer. It rained a lot the day of my return but dawned fair the following day, so it was leg over and off for a few hours genteel riding.

Rain was forecast for Wednesday but it was sunny as my beloved and I set off for a quick spin. We’d just reached the half-way point in our ride when the heavens opened – sod’s law. Descending in the rain’s not too bad providing you know the road well and have good tyres – two ticks. By the time we reached home we were soaked through, but not too cold. Thursday was again rather changeable but I managed to get in a couple of hours between the light showers in the early afternoon. Friday, the sunshine returned. I could enjoy a longer ride and get back on track with the programme.

I’d arranged to ride with some girlfriends on Saturday morning but the heavens opened again, as forecast, before I’d even gotten my kit on. It brightened promisingly but briefly around lunchtime before rain fell again. Now I’m not sure how much rain has fallen this week, but it would be safe to say it’s a lot. With the outlook being somewhat iffy, we speculated whether or not today’s ride would be cancelled. The forecast was again for storms but equally these could dry up very quickly with a fair wind and we would be able to ride.

We were woken at 05:00 this morning by a massive electric storm. Jagged lightening illuminating the sky and thunder booming overhead. This was accompanied by rain falling literally in sheets, just like in a monsoon. It’s still pouring and therefore I think it’s fair to say that today’s race and pointage will be cancelled. It’s likely to be rescheduled, probably later next month. This will give me more time to get my climbing legs back.

Meanwhile, we’re pretty much awash. The heavy storms push earth and stones into the road and into the path of cyclists. The municipalities are generally quick to clean this all up but only once the rain has held a ceasefire. The weather will put a bit of a dampener on this evening’s festivities, we’re having a BBQ around at our friends. I’m making dessert. There’ll be eight of us but five boys with sweet tooths which, in effect, means I need to make enough for twice that number particularly as her two teenage sons can inhale their bodyweights in anything sweet.  I have a plentiful supply of local juicy peaches so I’m thinking maybe a peach, toffee and almond crunch with home-made custard. Then I can whip up a batch of lemon and almond financiers with the left over egg whites to enjoy with our coffee.

It’ll be the home trainers for us this morning but as my beloved only came back late last night from a business trip, I’m going to spoil him with a special cooked breakfast. Scanning the contents of my fridge and freezer, this’ll yoghurt with home-made granola, followed by smoked salmon eggs benedict washed down with lashings of hot coffee, enjoyed in a leisurely fashion with the Sunday newspapers. Better get cracking…………..

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