Trials and tribulations

When dealing with my beloved I have long followed the principle that if I want anything done properly, I’ll have to do it myself. This is largely because I am a) a control freak; b) I like as much as possible done ahead of time, I dislike leaving anything until the last moment; and, c) long years’ of experience have taught me it’s most unwise to rely on my beloved. He likes to focus on the big things and leaves me to take care of the details.

Tomorrow afternoon we are flying to the UK for my mother’s funeral on Monday. My beloved returns from Italy only a couple of hours before we are due to leave. I did ask him to get everything ready for this trip, just in case his flight is delayed, and we only have time to swap cases. But he hasn’t, so I’ll have to do it for him tomorrow morning, along with mine.

I’ve been regularly checking the various airport sites and the can of worms appears to be Heathrow! The flight which was due to take off at the same time as ours only yesterday is due to arrive today at 12:24. That’s some delay! We’ll be letting the train take the strain thereafter and having checked the train timetables, it doesn’t look too bad.

Generally, I try to dissuade him from booking multiple flights on the same days. I’m not trying to tempt fate, but every time he’s done so I’ve had to meet him in arrivals, swap baggage and hustle him over to departures. Tomorrow’s clash was unavoidable due to airline timetables. My Father, who knows only too well what my beloved is like, was keen to have the whole family together for lunch on Sunday. Given the current state of the weather – plenty of snow and more forecast – he was delighted to hear we would be arriving on Saturday evening. Like me, he never leaves anything until the last moment. Yes, that’s where I get it from. He’s also incredibly well organised and leaves nothing to chance!

I also insisted that my beloved gave me all the flight information beforehand so that I could print out our boarding passes. I did this within 10 minutes of boarding opening yesterday afternoon. As the flights were booked on my beloved’s BA account, he will have received copies of the confirmations from BA showing his and my seat numbers. We’ve both got window seats in the same row. That’s right we’re not sitting next to one another. I’m going to prolong the peace and quiet for another hour or so more.

How do I know he received the confirmation? Well, BA’s system advised me that it would be emailing my beloved. He immediately lobbed said email back to me asking me to book him in! I can’t tell you how many times I have asked him to stop sending me emails that he hasn’t read. To be fair he did at least attach a message asking me to book him in, but if he’d only taken the trouble to read it……………………..

This is one of the many perils of working together. My beloved is fixated on keeping up to date with his email traffic. If he can divert a substantial portion of it to me, so much the better. Job done!

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