Month: February 2013

Once too often

One of the joys of not working for someone else is that I get to wake up when I feel like it – well, most of the time.  The exceptions tend to be when my beloved is departing on an early flight. I get up at… Continue Reading “Once too often”

An apple a day

When I received this month’s training programme from my coach, it contained the suggestion that I eat apples for a day. He often gives advice on which supplements to take such as spirella (makes me nauseous), additional vitamin C (ditto), bottled water with high levels of… Continue Reading “An apple a day”

Food blogging

I’ve more cookery books than I’d like to own up to and am lusting after my own library cum office in which to display them all. Friends familiar with the layout of our flat will know that I have a large purpose built book case just outside the kitchen which is… Continue Reading “Food blogging”