Food blogging

I’ve more cookery books than I’d like to own up to and am lusting after my own library cum office in which to display them all. Friends familiar with the layout of our flat will know that I have a large purpose built book case just outside the kitchen which is now full to the brim.  We’re going to have to move, there’s just not enough space for the two us, our bikes and my ever-growing book collections. Please don’t suggest a Kindle as a way out of my dilemma. They’re fine for holidays but nothing beats the real thing. I also have a growing collection of recipes culled from magazines and blogs. There’s a million and one food blogs out there and I’m always on the look out for new ones. But much like my cookery books, I find myself returning time after time to well-tried and tested favourites.

I’ve never been tempted to blog about food, though I have in the past illustrated this blog with photos of some of my efforts and replicated William Curley’s recipe for a Paris-Brest which was so over the top calorific and truly divine: food of the Gods. Over on VeloVoices we’ve been looking at each one of us having a weekly column. I wanted one which wasn’t time dependent and one of our other contributors suggested recipes. So, I thought, why not?

I’ve decided to place the emphasis on wholesome recipes for time-strapped cyclists eg me. One of my major issues is that my beloved thinks I can conjure up food while we’re out riding. I can’t, but I have come up with a solution. I have developed a repertoire of recipes which can either cook while we’re out riding, and requires minimal preparation beforehand, or can be quickly cooked on our return. I thought this was the most sensible place to start since I would be cooking the dishes in any event. All I had to do was photograph some of the key steps.

I am the sort of cook who weighs and prepares everything before she starts. I just had to assemble this in any eye catching fashion on the kitchen table. I chose this spot as it catches the most light. My beloved mounted his camera on the tripod and shot the result, in various stages, before consuming the finished product.

When I’m cooking, as opposed to when I’m baking, I do tend to experiment a bit depending on what’s in my fridge or store cupboard. This time I need to provide our readership with accurate measurements so I had to keep checking back with the recipe and adding various handy hints.

One thing that infuriates me about cookery books is their inaccuracies. Most of which are the fault of the editors rather than the cooks or chefs.  For example they’ll tell you it takes a couple of minutes for chopped onions to turn translucent. Utter tosh! It takes at least ten minutes and only then if the cooking fat is hot. So I’ve put in accurate timings and woe betide my editor if he messes with those…………..

They do say the proof of any pudding, is in the eating. My beloved’s dish was wiped clean and he declared it delicious. If it wasn’t believe me he’d say. Since my motto is never knowingly undercatered, recipe two for the blog will use the leftovers from recipe one

In due course, I’ll also feature some of my cyclist-friendly tried and tested cakes, bars and cookies. That’s going to be more of a logistical nightmare as I typically cook in batches. I’ll just have to snap quickly. I haven’t yet decided whether to share my (in)famous pain d’epice recipe with our readers. I’m still pondering that one. 

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