Once too often

One of the joys of not working for someone else is that I get to wake up when I feel like it – well, most of the time.  The exceptions tend to be when my beloved is departing on an early flight. I get up at 5:00am to feed him a quick breakfast and drive him to the airport. The temptation to slip back beneath the covers on my return is largely resisted on the basis that I’m now wide awake and might as well crack on with the day’s schedule.

We have had the same bedside alarm clock for almost fifteen years which my beloved is unable to remember how to operate.  While it’s over his side of the bed, I make a point of setting it, and ensuring that it’s switched off, otherwise I’ll get woken at 5:00am the following morning. It’s a small precaution but well worth the trouble.

In the summer months we frequently have power cuts overnight which switch off the alarm. So, as an added measure, we set the alarm on one of our many – my beloved has three  – mobile phones. It’s this device which he uses as an early morning alarm call when he’s away from home. If you’ve never used this function on your mobile, it’s very effective. It starts off quite quietly and then becomes progressively louder until you disable it.

This fine Saturday morning I was aroused from a deep slumber by my beloved’s mobile phone alarm. It’s not the first time and I’m quite sure it won’t be the last. The phone was in the office – we converted one of the bedrooms – just down the corridor from our room. Because, as you well know, I sleep like the dead, I’m not woken until it’s so loud that it’s also woken up most of my neighbours. I make my beloved get out of bed to switch it off crying “for goodness sake, how many times do I have to tell you………”

It’s at times like these I thank goodness he was only in the UK last week: 7:00am there being 8:00am here. He’s also committed this heinous crime after trips to places where the time difference is much greater and we’ve been woken in the middle of the night! You do not want to know what I’ve said in these instances though I’m pretty sure you can make an educated guess.

I am of course now wide awake while he’s gone back to sleep. I’ve shut the office door as his snoring is almost, but not quite, as loud as the alarm.  You would think, wouldn’t you, that after committing this error a couple of times he’d remember to deactivate the alarm on Friday morning or just set it for five-days, but no……………..like many of the things my beloved does, he seems doomed to repeat.

As usual we have another action packed week end ahead of us. No live cycle racing though there’s plenty of one-day race action on the television. The season opens on the cobbles in Belgium and there’s racing too in France and Spain. This will require careful co-ordination of televisions and laptops to ensure we catch as much of said action as possible.

This morning, weather permitting, I’ll go for a ride then have a bit of a cooking session. All of which will have to be photographed and documented for a future post in my forthcoming recipe column for VeloVoices. My beloved now checks before tucking in. Can’t have him eating the evidence before it’s been recorded.

Better go and put the coffee on………..

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