Trick or Treat

Halloween is primarily celebrated in North America but it’s tentacles now spread far and wide. However, in the nine years I’ve lived in France no one has ever knocked on my door to “trick or treat”. There are two good reasons for this. I live in an apartment on a gated Domaine so the only children who could possibly partake are those that live in the building.  Or so I thought!

Yesterday afternoon, I nipped out to walk down to the nearby small commercial centre within the Domaine. I did so via the garage as it’s quicker. The door into the garage is open the car parking space for my beloved Tom III. I looked across and was horrified to note that all was not well. Someone had removed all four of the cars wheels and had left it propped up on a couple of tyres. The garage is not well lit and my small car is dwarfed by the much larger cars that park in the adjacent spots, so it was understandable that no one had spotted my lack of wheels.

For reasons I won’t bore you with, the registered owner is my beloved so I could not report the loss to the police, I had to wait until he returns and go down on Saturday – by bike. I advised the Security Guards at the gate of the Domaine. They agreed with my conclusion that they’d been stolen to order, probably overnight. Thanks guys! You’re paid to help prevent this type of theft. Obviously the perpetrators of this dastardly deed didn’t just walk out of the Domaine with four wheels under their arms. They entered a “secure” Domaine followed by a locked garage, where only the inhabitants have keys, and went about their work totally undisturbed. Unless they were F1 engineers, it would have taken 20-30 minutes to remove the tyres. In addition to which, during the night, the security guards drive around the Domaine, even entering the garages, on a regular basis.

I rang my insurers and they confirmed the tyres would be replaced after the visit from the “expert”. Sadly these guys only work a five-day week and are strictly 9-5. French insurance lags way behind its British counterparts when it comes to dealing with claims. Today is a French bank holiday, the expert will call on Monday! I’ve no idea what time he’ll be calling so it’s lucky that Monday’s my admin day and I’ll be home anyway. I am entitled to a replacement car if my vehicle is off the road and “in a garage”. Well, technically it is but the garage in question has to be a SMART one. So no replacement car until Tuesday at the earliest. Thank goodness we have the bikes.

What’s really annoying is that the thieves never asked me if I wanted “trick or treat”. They went straight for the trick, denying me the possibility of buying them off with my baked goodies. There are other SMARTs in the Domaine, two of which are parked outside, but neither of those is a BRABUS. Like I said, stolen to order.

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