Cast of Thousands


Yesterday we had the official inspection of the recent work undertaken in the block to replace the hot and cold water pipes. Apart from a last-minute flurry of activity last week with various tradesmen popping in and out constantly, the work was pretty much completed by the end of October. I still haven’t  gotten around to putting everything  back in its rightful place and it’s probably just as well. For once my procrastination has paid dividends as there’s still a few small jobs to be completed.

I doubt whether the smaller flats were large enough to house the entire inspection party which comprised an expert (for the insurance company), the in-house and external representatives from the building’s management company, the guy in charge of the contract and the heads of all the subcontractors’ teams – 10 in total. They all had clipboards, obviously the must-have accessory, and lots of bits of paper.

I had to explain in some detail about why the replacement trap doors had not been painted. I saw no point as they’ve got to be replaced (again) to match the other woodwork in the flat. They all took copious notes. I also have to think where I’m going to put the shelving which they had to take out of the cupboards on the terrace. I’m leaning towards either putting it in the internal storeroom or the caves downstairs. You can never ever have too much storage space.

Sadly though all is not now peaceful and quiet as the family of my neighbour who died this year are refurbishing her flat and most of the current work appears to be taking place directly under the office. I cannot complain as I subjected her to a six-month long renovation of our flat but it’s so loud I cannot talk on the phone in the office. I have to flee to the other end of the flat.

The building’s rules state that anyone undertaking “noisy” work should put up a notice advising neighbours of the forthcoming nuisance and give a contact telephone number. Have they done this? Of course not, although I did and, for good measure, went on a charm offensive. But in the almost nine years we’ve lived here I have discovered that I’m pretty much the only occupant who follows the rules. My charming neighbours somehow feel they’re excused.

Fortunately, we’re heading to Italy on Friday for a few relaxing days in Verona before visiting my beloved’s client in NE Italy for a few days. My one concern during this period is the car and its four brand new wheels which will be “Home Alone” in the garage. I’m picking it up from SMART this afternoon, two weeks after its wheels were pinched. I have the neighbours promising to keep an eye on it for me plus it was the main topic of conversation when the inspection party called yesterday lunchtime. So I now have the building crew on look out too. Also, the building guardian has taken the theft of my wheels personally. I expect he’ll be sleeping in the garage for the foreseeable future. I should  just monitor it from a security app? Now there’s a thought.

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