Postcard from Sydney

We departed Sydney under leaden, rain-laden skies after three gloriously hot, sunny days where the temperature peaked at 42C! Thank goodness for air con and SPF 100.

Darling Harbour at dusk
Darling Harbour at dusk

We stayed in a hotel close by Darling Harbour, an area we both know well. My beloved usually stays here for the exhibition centre while I was here on my own in 2010. It has the advantage of a great choice of restaurants within easy walking distance, the Sydney Fish Market which has a large lobster with my name on it and it’s handy for public transport.

In 2010 I made exhaustive use of the hop on – hop off bus to visit all the usual tourist sites. So don’t expect shots of the iconic Sydney Opera House this time around. This was our maiden opportunity to cycle and drive around the area.

Eastern shore and that well-known bridge in the distance
Northern shore and that well-known bridge in the distance

With the mercury rising steeply we headed for the shoreline, its cooling breeze and spectacular property porn. We covered the northern and eastern shorelines of Mosman, Manly, Rose and Double Bays affording me plenty of window shopping opportunities – much the best kind. The beaches were gloriously sandy and not, unlike Bondi, overly populated.  The weather demanded frequent pit stops, my favourite was ice-cold fresh coconut water.

Barely populated Manly Beach
Barely populated Manly Beach

There was little chance of us getting homesick. In one restaurant  our waiter hailed from neighbouring La Colle sur Loup where his parents run a small restaurant we’ve eaten in. In another, our Parisian waitress afforded us a further opportunity to chat in French – don’t want to get rusty.

Sydney was buzzing, both with local residents and holiday makers enjoying the Sydney Festival and taking full advantage of the warm sunny weather which frankly we found scorching and saw us taking frequent refuge in the shade.

Pyrmont Street Art
Pyrmont Street Art

The weather burst late on Thursday afternoon with a torrential storm and downpour. We sought refuge in the hotel gym and pool. Friday morning the mercury had dropped to 15C as we headed for Hay, the first stop on our cross-country dash to Adelaide. Oh, and that lobster had a lucky reprieve – next time.

5 Comments on “Postcard from Sydney

  1. Looks like a wonderful time Sheree. You can feel free to send some of that warmth Stateside. We’re in the negatives. Yuck.


    • Jim

      I’ll see what I can do. It’s much balmier now we’re in Adelaide and nicer for cycling. But don’t take my word for it, check out what the peloton’s saying at the Santos Tour Down Under.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Wow, that’s cold. Where do you live? I couldn’t work it out from flicking through your site.
      Hope your ankle heals up quickly.


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