Postcard from New York

One year on and we’re back in Manhattan though my trip was almost cut short by my beloved. On leaving the plane he swung his pull-along briefcase and swept my feet from under me. I fell on my right side, banging my head and shoulder. I saw stars, was momentarily winded and had to be helped up by the airline staff. Did I fall or did I have a fall? I like to think it was the former and not the latter.

We passed relatively quickly through US Customs, never the most pleasant of experiences, grabbed our luggage and headed for the train to Penn station. We got on the wrong train. We’d bought a ticket for the New Jersey Line but had gotten on the quicker (and vastly more expensive) Amtrak service. The guard kindly let us off the extra fare. Those UK accents occasionally come in handy. We took a cab to our serviced apartment on E39th which I had booked, as usual, through

My beloved allegedly had only organised a few meetings and a couple of dinners beforehand and said we would spend all of Tuesday and Wednesday together. In the end, we had breakfast together on Sunday morning and dinner on Tuesday evening. The rest of the time he was busy, busy, busy. Don’t feel sorry for me. I’m used to fending for myself and it did mean I could do and see pretty much what I wanted.


I’ve already toured all of New York’s many tourist attractions and now I take pleasure in exploring different areas of Manhattan. As we were staying on the Eastside, most of my walks took place between E10th and E60th streets and I only occasionally strayed west. I’m not sure how far I walked but with my eczema dying down, I had a definite spring back in my step.

My two sisters, who regard trips to New York as an opportunity to shop until they drop, exhorted me to have a spend up. They’d have been sorely disappointed with my efforts. As usual, I spent most of Sunday and Monday, when the weather was fine, happily exploring on foot. I particularly love walking around early on Sundays, before the shops open, as there are so few people around and I have the streets to myself.

Of course, no trip to New York would be complete without a trip to Barnes & Noble to check out the latest cookery books. Luckily there was plenty of room in my luggage for my book haul. I also popped into Lululemon to feed my beloved’s growing habit.

My younger sister had tasked me with checking whether I could find her recent Ugg purchases cheaper in NY. No, I couldn’t, which has increased her pleasure in her latest acquisitions. Sadly, I couldn’t find her the Gant poncho she wanted. I don’t normally agree to buy things for my sisters otherwise I’d be spending all my trip shopping.

I confess in years past I have spent considerable time shopping particularly at Takashimya and, even though it’s long gone, I always go and pay homage at its former site on 5th. Of course, globalisation has taken the fun out of shopping. There’s little in NY that I can’t buy at home which is why I prefer the one-off shops on the fringes and down side streets.


It poured on Tuesday so I retired to MoMa, always a pleasure. I had planned on a trip to the Witney on Wednesday but, with the rain again coming down in sheets; instead I opted for an organic Thai spa pedicure which involved lots of lovely smelling unguents, hot towels and acres of cling film! Just what my weary feet needed before heading home.

All photographs courtesy of Getty Images

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