Month: July 2017

Favourite Biscuits

When this picture popped into my in box I was surprised. Are these really Britain’s favourite biscuits? Should I feel so inclined, it’s relatively easy to buy British goodies either via the internet, from one of the larger local supermarkets or from Geoffrey’s of… Continue Reading “Favourite Biscuits”

My perfect hotel bedroom

I’ve stayed in a lot of hotel rooms in my time, running the gamut from luxury 5+ stars right down to null. So I thought I’d write a post entitled the 10 must-haves in my perfect hotel bedroom. But guess what? Turns out there… Continue Reading “My perfect hotel bedroom”

Reflections on the Tour de France 2017

There’s always a sense of loss the week after the Tour finishes. You have months of anticipation and speculation, three weeks of enthralling racing – yes, even the snooze fests – and then it finishes in a blaze of glory on the Champs Elysees.… Continue Reading “Reflections on the Tour de France 2017”

Trip to Aix-en-Provence

We spent much of last week-end in Aix-en-Provence, principally to catch a couple of stages of the Tour de France but also to enjoy some time in one of our favoured spots. Typically, I meet up with friends in Aix a couple of times… Continue Reading “Trip to Aix-en-Provence”

Seen, but not heard

As a childless couple you could be forgiven for thinking we don’t like children. Au contraire, we love children but have never felt the need to have one of our own. However, we much enjoy spending time with our friends’ delightful, young children. The… Continue Reading “Seen, but not heard”

The Musette: a riff on ratatouille and caponata

I generally love shopping daily, finding inspiration in the local shops and markets for the day’s meals. However, when I’m on my own, I’m quite happy to make a pot of something which I can use in a number of different ways for a… Continue Reading “The Musette: a riff on ratatouille and caponata”

Another one bites the dust

I was inconsolable in 2010 when I discovered that Takashimaya had closed its Fifth Avenue store in Manhattan. I must have stood for a good 10 minutes checking that I was at the correct spot – 693 Fifth Avenue. This had been a beautifully… Continue Reading “Another one bites the dust”

Melt down

This is not a reference to the warm temperatures we’re enjoying here on the Cote d’Azur, but rather my own mental state. Last Thursday, just as I was poised to watch the afternoon’s transmission of the Tour de France stage, because I was on… Continue Reading “Melt down”

Things my beloved says: I could do that!

We were watching the magnificent Classical Concert from the Eiffel Tour on Bastille Day,  Le Concert de Paris, featuring the great and the good from the world of classical music playing and singing a selection of Greatest Hits Arias. This is the world’s largest outdoor… Continue Reading “Things my beloved says: I could do that!”

Things my beloved does: loses stuff, lots of it

To be honest this subject is worthy of its own blog, only because in our 40 year’s of marriage he’s lost so many things. I’m fond of saying “I’d be a wealthy women if I had a Euro for everything my beloved has lost.” In… Continue Reading “Things my beloved does: loses stuff, lots of it”