My perfect hotel bedroom

I’ve stayed in a lot of hotel rooms in my time, running the gamut from luxury 5+ stars right down to null. So I thought I’d write a post entitled the 10 must-haves in my perfect hotel bedroom. But guess what? Turns out there are a minimum of 21!

In no particular order:-

1. Can easily be found using GPS. If not, please send me an email telling me how to find the hotel/guest house/B&B.

2. Is family owned and run. These people have a vested interest in ensuring you have an enjoyable stay and will return.

3. Sound-proofed.

4. Clean, after all cleanliness is next to godliness. When I say clean, I mean spotless.

5. The bed has white, 100% high thread count, cotton sheets. I have a particular aversion to poly cotton sheets which go bobbly.

6. A supremely comfortable bed, minimum queen-size – this is, after all, the reason why I’m here – in which to sleep.

Oh dear!

7. Fluffy white (only) towels which should be stacked in the bathroom where you need them and not artfully arranged on the bed.

8. A minimum amount of furniture and soft furnishings in the room and no knickknacks, they only collect dust. Aside from the large double bed, a desk/table and two chairs, two bedside tables and lights.

9. Tea and coffee making facilities and a small fridge.

10. Great, free WiFi all over.

Loving that wooden floor

11. Hard floors, carpets hide a multitude of sins.

Pretty much spot on

12. Decorated in soothing colours, preferably not blue, a colour I’m not overly fond of anywhere.

This would give me the blues

My parents were once upgraded to the Villa d’Este’s main suite which was decorated in blue. My father had to go back down to reception and ask for another room. To say the staff were shocked was putting it mildly. But I’m with Mum on this one.

No, no, no!

13. Bathroom separate from the bedroom, I’m not a fan of baths in the bedroom, and preferably without a sliding door, which typically indicates it’s going to find its way into my  opus magnus “The World’s Smallest Bathrooms”

14. A power shower, rather than a bath.

15. A toilet separate from the bathroom as I’ll inevitably be sharing it with my beloved. I’ll spare you the details.

16. Adequate task lighting and plenty of spare power points to charge our Macs, iPads and iPhones.

17. Free car parking.

Now, that’s what I call a view!

18. A view from the bedroom window would be a bonus.

19. A lift, if my room isn’t on the ground floor, or someone to drag my luggage upstairs. I know I travel light but I’m getting on!

20. A minimum of 4 wooden hangars per person in the wardrobe and at least two generous drawers or shelves per person. Preferably within reach. I’m average height and have lost count of the wardrobe rails that are out of my reach, even on tippy toes.

21. A small safe for my valuables.

Is there anything I’ve missed? Let me know in the comments section.