Month: September 2017

Domestic Dramas

When we got back from Paris the temperatures on the Cote d’Azur had started to fall away. While we’re still enjoying sunshine, rides now require arm warmers and a gilet to guard against catching a chill on descents. However, I seem to have done… Continue Reading “Domestic Dramas”

Creatures of habit

I might like to say that I’m happy to embrace change but when it comes to restaurants I like the familiar and find myself returning time and time again to old favourites where I love both the ambience, service, setting  and, of course, the food.… Continue Reading “Creatures of habit”

Postcard from Paris: Part II

Strictly speaking this is a postcard from Le Marais though, on one of our many walks, we did stray into the 1st arrondissement. On our return, plenty of people asked us where we’d stayed in Paris. When we said “Le Marais” no one, not even the… Continue Reading “Postcard from Paris: Part II”

Postcard from Paris: Part I

My beloved and I decided to celebrate 40 years’ of married bliss with a long week-end in Paris, the most romantic city in the world. While I’ve been fortunate to traverse much of the city on foot and visit all its major monuments and… Continue Reading “Postcard from Paris: Part I”

Postcard from Valencia

In truth our trip didn’t get off to an auspicious start. First, my beloved scraped the right rear side of the hire car on a pillar in the hotel car park. This was despite the car having one of those 360 degree warning systems… Continue Reading “Postcard from Valencia”

Doggie Heaven

All summer long we’ve breakfasted on our balcony overlooking the forest at the back of our building which is particularly popular with the Domaine’s dog owners for early morning walkies. We know many of the dogs by sight, some by name, but during the summer… Continue Reading “Doggie Heaven”

Postcard from Barajas

I spent last week in Barajas, a suburb of Madrid, home to both its airport and exhibition centre. I basically went from the former to the latter, staying in the hotel we found last year, which is a total steal and close to both.… Continue Reading “Postcard from Barajas”