Month: November 2017

End of an era

In the commercial centre next to the Domaine, there’s a company which supplies a band of qualified and dedicated nurses to look after those residents who have need of their services. These were the nurses that took care of changing my beloved’s dressings on his leg,… Continue Reading “End of an era”

The Musette: Soup glorious (vegan) soup

I believe I may have mentioned that I love soup. I’m never happier than when I’ve a pot simmering on the stove. My beloved however regards soup as an appetiser, not a meal in itself. There are times when I’ll make a base, say… Continue Reading “The Musette: Soup glorious (vegan) soup”


After last week’s much-needed deluges – yes, it does rain here occasionally! – the sun has returned this week though daytime temperatures have dropped a couple of degrees to below 20C. Last week I took my bike down to my local bike shop for… Continue Reading “Off-season”

How much influence do you have?

I was frankly shocked when someone on Twitter added me to a list entitled “Trendy.” Now I can think of many adjectives to describe me but trendy certainly isn’t one of them. In fact I would go as far as saying that I’ve never,… Continue Reading “How much influence do you have?”

Things my beloved has lost: golf clubs and cart

When we first moved to the Cote d’Azur, my husband drove a 4 x 4 which spent most of its time collecting dust in the garage while he circumnavigated the globe. The move to the Cote d’Azur was supposed to herald a change in… Continue Reading “Things my beloved has lost: golf clubs and cart”

The Musette: Vegan Biryani

The first dish I ever ate in an Indian restaurant was a Biryani. After university, my beloved and I were living and working in Leicester. One Friday evening we went out for dinner with a couple I’d met through work who suggested we go… Continue Reading “The Musette: Vegan Biryani”

Maiden MOT

Tom IV has just had his first MOT or, as we say here in France, Contrôle Technique, and now sports a small badge on his windscreen certifying compliance. In France you have to undergo one of these within six months of your car’s fourth birthday.… Continue Reading “Maiden MOT”

Halloween horrors!

Horror of horrors,  an unexpected visitor and I had a bare cupboard. Never knowingly under catered is my leitmotif. So how embarrassed was I when one of my friend’s sons popped in unannounced and found the cookie jar bare? I was mortified! He’s a… Continue Reading “Halloween horrors!”