Month: January 2018

Apres-ski anyone?

After our first vacation skiing in Seefeld, a colleague asked me about the apres-ski scene. I was unable to tell her anything. “Frankly” I said “it’s as much as I can do not to fall asleep over dinner after a day out cross-country skiing!”… Continue Reading “Apres-ski anyone?”

Treating myself

A few years ago I stopped buying birthday and Christmas presents. In general everyone thought it was a great idea. I wasn’t being mean. I still buy my family and friends presents but generally as and when I see something I know they’d like. Or,… Continue Reading “Treating myself”

40 Years of Memorable Moments: Le Manoir

Le Manoir aux Quatre Saisons featured recently in the semi-finals of British Masterchef: The Professionals. It was once our “go to” place for celebratory occasions, particularly at lunch-time which, as at many fine dining establishments, is particularly good value. But the sight of those… Continue Reading “40 Years of Memorable Moments: Le Manoir”

The Musette: store cupboard lunch

Not long back from vacation, hardly anything in the freezer, I need to go shopping but, first, I have to cook lunch for my beloved. My typical “go to” is either a risotto – cooked that on Friday – or pasta. A quick rummage… Continue Reading “The Musette: store cupboard lunch”

Postcard from Seefeld: these are a few of my favourite things

I’m home and looking back fondly on our most recent vacation. Strolls down memory lane are comforting just so long as your memories are enhanced by the development of your favourite places. We’ve enjoyed many vacations, summer and winter, in Seefeld, most spent at the… Continue Reading “Postcard from Seefeld: these are a few of my favourite things”

Thanks for the memories

In a way it’s inevitable that we’ve made comparisons between last Christmas in Australia and this one in Austria. Largely, I should add, prompted by Facebook constantly throwing up photographic memories of last year’s trip. I had said I wouldn’t do a “where were… Continue Reading “Thanks for the memories”

Things my beloved has lost: a dinner jacket

My beloved recently wore his tuxedo to an industry awards dinner. It was the first time he’d worn the suit in many a year. Fortunately it still fitted him and required just a light pressing to bring it back to life. Probably, the last… Continue Reading “Things my beloved has lost: a dinner jacket”

40 years of Memorable Moments: InterAlpen Hotel, Tirol

We’ve spent many happy holidays in the Seefeld area so it would be hard to pinpoint one as being “The Best Ever.” Rather, happy memories have arisen on all our holidays. We’ve stayed in a number of hotels and apartments in the area but… Continue Reading “40 years of Memorable Moments: InterAlpen Hotel, Tirol”

Sheree’s 2017 Sporting Highlights

I’ve been a bit slow off the mark here largely because I’ve been out enjoying myself in the snow! As usual there were many lowlights in 2017 – no need to depress ourselves by listing them – but I’ve always been a glass half full… Continue Reading “Sheree’s 2017 Sporting Highlights”

Things I’ve done: race day

Having successfully completed the Engadin Marathon trial-run, Friday and Saturday were spent preparing our skis with the right waxes, stretching our aching limbs to aid recovery and indulging in a spot of carbo-loading. After my beloved’s faux humour, everyone was very solicitous towards me, carry… Continue Reading “Things I’ve done: race day”