Apres-ski anyone?

After our first vacation skiing in Seefeld, a colleague asked me about the apres-ski scene. I was unable to tell her anything. “Frankly” I said “it’s as much as I can do not to fall asleep over dinner after a day out cross-country skiing!”

I’m someone who always sleeps well but I sleep really well in the mountains, easily sleeping for 8+hours a night. I’m please to report that habit has stayed with me back home. Yesterday I slept for 9 hours and 12 hours the day before! I can’t even excuse it on the skiing or clean mountain air.

The lack of any apres-ski action has persisted over the years. After 4-5 hours of cross-country skiing, we’ll typical stop early afternoon, enjoy a late lunch, then head for the spa to relax and unwind before dinner and bed. We usually managed to stay up for New Year when we were staying at the InterAlpen, if only to see its magnificent firework show, thanks to a nap in the afternoon. I know, we’re a bit of a boring couple.

The one exception was  a previous company’s Eastern European Equity Conference which was held in late January in the Austrian resort where the Head of Securities had a holiday home. To be honest, back in the early 1990s, it was just an excuse to have a few days skiing with clients. Inevitably it was a very alcoholic few days and I felt obliged to take part in some of the apres-ski activities. I looked after those clients who wanted to try cross-country skiing, not downhill. There were always a couple.

I clearly recall one evening when the younger members of the group were exhorting me to go to a disco with them. “Come on out with us. It’ll be fun, put on your boob tube and rara skirt!” While I was hotly denying possession of any such garments, our Head of Research had a far away look in his eye and said “I see you more in a French maid’s outfit than a boob tube and rara skirt.”

There was one of those awkward silences where no one in the group was quite sure what to say, and you could’ve heard a pin drop. I took charge, jokingly replying that I felt I was more of a leather all-in-one and whip kinda gal. I didn’t go to the disco and the Head of Research (thankfully) refrained from making any more personal comments. This is my roundabout way of saying that after a hard day of sporting activity, I much prefer to curl up with my beloved and a good book, than a vodka and Red Bull.

The apres-ski scene has always seemed to belong more to alpine skiing which often has small bars at the bottom of slopes where the alcohol and music flow well into the small hours, and well away from the accommodation. My experience of these is that they’re hot, smoky (before the smoking ban) and crowded affairs, none of which I particularly enjoy. I like SPACE and I’ve always hated smoky places. Somethings never change.

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