Month: February 2018

Back on the trainer!

Yes, I’m (unexpectedly) back on the home trainer. We enjoy around 300+ days of sunshine every year leaving around 65 when it’s not so great. Some of those 65 have occurred in the last two weeks. It was lovely the week after we returned… Continue Reading “Back on the trainer!”

Lunchtime date: Sunday brunch

My beloved and I enjoy going out for Sunday brunch, particularly during the winter months. We’d spotted that the weather this past week-end was going to be wet and chilly, so had decided to go out for brunch in nearby Cannes. We’ve tried brunch… Continue Reading “Lunchtime date: Sunday brunch”

The Musette: oven baked falafel

Ever since we enjoyed falafel at l’As du Fallafel on rue des Rosiers on our trip to Le Marais last year, I’ve had a bit of a thing for them. I typically buy them from my local Bio Marché but they’re quite pricey, so… Continue Reading “The Musette: oven baked falafel”

40 Years of Memorable Moments: Chiswick

It’s the same every year. Our first Christmas card comes from a couple who almost bought our house in Chiswick in 1993, and we’ve been exchanging cards ever since. They did eventually buy a similar property, in need of total renovation, around the corner which… Continue Reading “40 Years of Memorable Moments: Chiswick”

My European cycling season starts now!

  The previous week I was enjoying balmy temperatures among the sea, sand and skyscrapers of the Tour of Dubai, a six-day long sprint fest where those likely lads in lycra got to enjoy some of the trappings other sportsmen take for granted –… Continue Reading “My European cycling season starts now!”

Postcard from Dubai: 5 places I visited

I’ve visited Dubai plenty of times, largely for business with a few days of pleasure tacked on. This time my beloved’s Dental Exhibition coincided with the Tour of Dubai – how great is that? – giving me my first taste of live racing this… Continue Reading “Postcard from Dubai: 5 places I visited”

Things my beloved does: apes the outlaw

They tell men to take a long hard look at their mothers-in-law before marrying their daughters. It’s true, I am morphing into my mother. Not that my beloved minds, he worshipped my mother and she reciprocated. He might only have been one of her three son-in-laws… Continue Reading “Things my beloved does: apes the outlaw”

Things I’ve done: almost crashed into a cactus

One Christmas we decided to vacation in Arizona. I can’t recall exactly why we chose that particular location but I think it had a lot to do with warm weather, somewhere to play golf and the millennium. I tried to put the holiday together… Continue Reading “Things I’ve done: almost crashed into a cactus”

The Musette: delicious dhal

This is a killer dhal recipe. The roasted vegetables and rose-coloured coconut chutney turn it into something stellar and all from the humble little lentil. You can use a variety of roasted vegetables but I prefer to use either sweet potatoes, carrots or butternut… Continue Reading “The Musette: delicious dhal”

Date nights: PT Barnum, Pentagon Papers and pizzas

Dates on two consecutive week-ends, my beloved is spoiling me, isn’t he? Films are like buses. You wait for one that you want to watch to come along and several arrive at the same time. At our local cinema last week-end we had the choice of… Continue Reading “Date nights: PT Barnum, Pentagon Papers and pizzas”