Back on the trainer!

Yes, I’m (unexpectedly) back on the home trainer. We enjoy around 300+ days of sunshine every year leaving around 65 when it’s not so great. Some of those 65 have occurred in the last two weeks. It was lovely the week after we returned from Dubai, but it’s been downhill ever since, culminating in snow. That’s right, SNOW! A pretty rare occurrence on the Cote d’Azur.

It never lasts long but chaos ensues every time. The morning snow was forecast, I was up at the ungodly hour of 05:00 am to run my beloved to the airport to catch a flight to Prague, by way of Lyon. We had thought it might be a difficult drive but the temperature was 4ºC and I dropped him off before returning to my bed. When I awoke a couple of hours later it was a whole different ball game. Snow was falling, and sticking!

We try to get out most days but have become perhaps overly cautious when it’s wet or damp, which covered most of the last ten days or so. We’re already recognising that it’ll be a cold week-end in Siena for the Strade Bianche race and will be packing plenty of cashmere and wet weather gear. On the bright side, we’ll only be watching, not taking part! Cakes will no doubt be gratefully received by those riders I know who are taking part in what’ll no doubt be a long, hard and cold race.

That race coincides with the start of Paris-Nice which may not be a race to the sun this year! The outlook is not favourable, we’ll have to wait and see. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed as this year’s route means I’ll be watching it live from Wednesday onwards, not just at the week-end.


5 thoughts on “Back on the trainer!

  1. We got snow twice here this winter, and we NEVER do. I loved it. Being in New England in November it was 8F. Not nice for biking when your blood is thinned due to the 100F summers. I’m trying to enjoy the clouds, coolness and wetness because too soon it will just be sunny, humid, hot and gross. You’re really into watching the races. I would be if I were there, I’m sure. Do you need a Spanish translator and bag boy and someone to ride with? I’m your guy. #JK #LOL #sorrynotsorry #jealous Thanks for posting and liking mine. They will slow down soon, I promise. 10 to go to get to 100. Should we consider guest posting, Sheree (your name just kinda made me think of the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang chimney sweep song)

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  2. Snowed again here yesterday but was then washed away by the rain (again). Can’t remember the last time we had snow, must be at least five years ago. Hopefully, we’ll have a snow-free trip to Siena tomorrow.

    Guest posting – fun idea!

    Sorry! While I’m not fluent in Spanish, I speak enough to get by and already have a bag carrier/someone to ride with. However, I do appreciate the offer.


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