A bad case of cabin fever

When you’ve spent all of your working life at a desk in an office, one of the joys of retirement – or early retirement in my case – is pleasing one’s self. Move to a warmer climate and instead of being cooped up inside, you’re out and about every day soaking up that all important vitamin D. Or, I was. After last year’s wonderful weather, it’s suddenly payback time.

When it rains in France, it pours. For a morning, for an afternoon, and then the sun comes out again. A significant amount of rainfall occurs in early spring – to help stuff grow – and late autumn. But this spring has been quite exceptional, and not in a good way! We’ve have four times as much rain as normal in the month of March and April’s been a shocker. We’re currently half-way through ten days of quite Dantesque conditions, Noah has the Ark on standby, and I’m very grateful I live in a flat built on a hill.

It’s been far too wet, all day and all night long, to do anything other than the most urgent of tasks. Forget going out for a bike ride, I’d be drenched from head to foot before leaving the Domaine. This means I’ve been on the home trainer (again).

I read in the paper this morning that we’d had a mini-tornado overnight which damaged a number of industrial units, restaurants and shops. Thankfully, no one was hurt. It was strong enough to move the garden furniture on the balcony and wrench plants from my pots!  Plus, it woke me up and I sleep like the dead, particularly when I don’t have to listen to my beloved’s snoring. More hail is on the menu today. If that wasn’t enough. I spoke to someone yesterday in Normandy who said they were enjoying sunshine and 17°C.

The weather, rather than the price of fruit and vegetables, has been the main topic of conversation with my neighbours when we meet in the lift and common parts. All have declared it the worst spring ever. I suspect there’s a wee bit of exaggeration there but it’s certainly our wettest and coldest spring since we moved to France.

Looking on the bright side – because there’s always one. I haven’t needed to clean my car –  why bother when it’s only going to get wet again. The heavy rain has done a grand job of cleaning the terrace, so I don’t have to do it. The trees, shrubs and grass are a lovely bright Kelly green. We shouldn’t run out of water anytime soon.

Hopefully though the end is in sight. The weather forecast for next week looks so much better. Which is fortunate, as one of my sun-loving sisters is arriving on Monday and woe betide me if she doesn’t get wall-to-wall sunshine.

(Images 3, 4 and 5 courtesy of Nice-Matin)

4 thoughts on “A bad case of cabin fever

  1. Yes weather is always a factor, but especially rain, wind and cold. Some can be tolerated if prepared but if not urgent, why bother? Being car-free there is a walk and wait for the bus if it’s too much to bike, especially on skinny tires. And I don’t like the trainer so just try to time it right
    But mostly it’s dry and hot here. Hope you get nice conditions for your sister’s visit and get out soon!

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  2. Thanks! Looking forward to better weather next week and getting out on my bike. To be honest, if there’s a prolonged spell of bad weather I’ll go out on my MTB. But it’s just been raining so hard, plus the thunder and lightening, that the home trainer has been a better bet.


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