Three-day quote challenge: day two

A shout out to H.P. Hakin of Feel Purple who nominated me for this challenge which, while I’ve accepted it, I’ve kinda done my own thing. I hope you don’t mind.

To repeat, the rules, which are pretty straightforward, are as follows:

  • Thank the person who nominated you.
  • Post a quote for three consecutive days (a quote a day).
  • Share why this quote appeals so much to you.
  • Nominate three different bloggers each day.

I’m not posting on three consecutive days but on three alternate ones. Nor am I nominating anyone. If you’re reading this and want to join in, you’re more than welcome!

(image: Evening Standard/Getty Images)

I’m a huge fan of poet, writer critic and satirist Dorothy Parker, I admire her sharp wit and eye for 20th century urban quirks and love (most of) her sassy and irreverent quotations.  Although she’s been dead over 50 years, many of her quotes apply to the current state of the world just fine.

It’s been difficult just choosing three, but here’s my second pick.

Years are only garments, and you either wear them with style all your life, or else you go dowdy to your grave.

I like this quote because I’m fond of saying “Age is just a number.” It’s important to be young at heart rather than obsessing with one’s age. And, just so you know, in my heart and mind I’m somewhere between 35 and 39!

Furthermore, I’ve never been an avid follower of fashion. I have always hated being dressed the same as anyone else but, by that, I’m not talking about uniforms or even finding myself wearing the same outfit as someone else at the same event. No, I like to think I know what suits me and whether I’m out riding my bike, shopping or out for lunch I wear my clothes with a certain “je ne sais quoi!” I’m sure Dorothy would’ve approved.

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