Happy 1 May

1 May is a public holiday in France. In fact, it’s pretty much a bank holiday everywhere which for us means a day of relative peace and quiet – no phones ringing all the time. I note with interest that in France it’s the only day of the year when employers are legally obliged to give leave to their employees. This is good news for me as I’m an employee of our company, its sole employee.

Of course here demonstrations and marches are a Labour Day tradition. That aside, it’s also customary to offer lilies of the valley to family and friends. A custom which dates back to 1561 when a 10 year old Charles IX gave a lily to all the ladies present while he was waiting for his ascension to the throne.

I love the purity of the flowers and their scent. The first perfume my father bought me when I was a teenager was Diorissimo which smells of lilies of the valley. Happy days!

(Header image courtesy of Wikipedia/Liz West of Boxborough, MA)