A letter to Mr Sunshine

Dear Mr Sunshine

Level with me, what’s up? You’ve been conspicuous by your absence this year and, as we hurtle towards mid-year, I’d like to remind you that we’re supposed to enjoy 300 days of your presence each and every year. We’ve seen way too much of Mr Rain and Mr Cloud!

Don’t blame Global Warning! I’m not doing a Donald, but surely we’d be enjoying more sunshine and less rain if that were the case. Or is this payback for last year’s fabulous spring, summer and autumn? It comes to something when the weather in recent months has been better in the UK, a country we fled for France’s temperate climes, fine culture and charming natives. Please also bear in mind that my sisters hold me to account for the weather. If clouds mar any of their many vacations it’s a disaster of epic proportions!

My neighbours have been reminiscing and have concluded that it’s the worst spring ever. I’ve only lived here for 13 years so can’t comment other than to say it’s been the wettest, less sunny spring since we arrived. Even the farmers are saying they’ve had enough rain and need more sunshine or the fruit and vegetables will start to rot, pushing prices sky-high. Now, you know how the French love to complain about the price of fruit and veg!

Of course, every cloud has a silver lining. Everything is so lush, green and verdant. We’ve had to employ extra gardeners to cope with the grass. No sooner have they mowed one spot than it has shot up again, seemingly overnight. Our 50m pool opened finally the last week-end in May but it has been closed, thanks to stormy weather, more days than it has been open.

My beloved is getting antsy. He won’t ride if rain is likely – we don’t need any more broken bones – nor is he getting his daily swim. You’re playing havoc with my riding too. I really don’t expect to spend time on the home trainer in June!

I’ve checked the forecast and there’s little prospect of much improvement. Thank goodness we’re off to Spain next week-end (Catalunya MotoGP) which is currently promising wall-to-wall sunshine. Don’t forget I live in an area whose economy relies heavily on tourism, frankly this isn’t helping. Typically we should be enjoying plenty of sunshine, dry weather in the daytime, with temperatures in the mid-20s. Please get it sorted!

Yours sincerely

A concerned sun lover


4 Comments on “A letter to Mr Sunshine

  1. I love the way you talk to the sun! And to Mr Rain and Mr cloud, they are all Mr! Any Ms. there 😂 I enjoyed so much your post!!

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    • Maria, you’re right! I made them all masculine without a thought. Probably unduly influenced by the weather gods. I think things more ethereal, like mist would be feminine. Then what about non binary? It’s a tricky old world! Thanks for your kind and thought provoking comments.


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