Holiday photos: day 1

Our first overnight stop was a mere 4-5 hours drive from home. If you’re a wine lover, the name will ring a bell. Macon in Burgundy is famous for its wine, two-thirds of which is made from the Chardonnay grape and is white. The most well-known examples are Pouilly-Fuisse, St-Veran and Macon-Villages Blanc. The other third is red or rose from the Gamay or Pinot Noir grape.

Wine aside, I like the town because its buildings painted burnt sienna, buttermilk and rose have a distinctly Mediterranean feel. We like to wander around its streets and eat dinner on the terrace of a restaurant in Saint Laurent overlooking the river Saone.

The town’s other claim to fame is as the birthplace of one of France’s greatest writers, the poet Alphonse de Lamartine (1790-1869). He was active politically in the area and the house in Rue Lamartine where he lived until his wedding still stands. Plus, there’s a Lamartine Heritage Trail which passes through places he lived, loved and found inspiration.

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