Holiday photos: day 10

Another gorgeously sunny day and we decided to venture into the centre of Bordeaux. Creamy stone buildings with wrought iron balconies, wide boulevards, pedestrianised Old Town, cool breeze from the Gironde – I was in seventh heaven. My beloved kept a close eye on me as I wandered around admiring (and photographing) the spectacular architecture oblivious to the crowds around me.

We walked anti-clockwise around Bordeaux’s historic centre starting at Place Gambetta before passing through Porte Dijeaux into the Old Town with all its splendours. We were particularly taken with the Monument aux Girondins (pictured above) a truly magnificent fountain, and the Place de la Bourse, where we lunched, which rather recalls Versailles.

It was too hot to visit any of the museums or the Cite du Vin which, of course, means a revisit probably in either spring or autumn. I found a delightful hotel in the centre of Bordeaux where we’d like to stay. Plus, we’d barely scratched the surface of the city with our meanderings.