Holiday photos: day 11

Our brief stay in Bordeaux had flown by but we’d greatly enjoyed ourselves and decided to prolong our trip by heading to Bayonne via Sauternes. Well, we’d visited claret country and a quick look around the white burgundy vineyards seemed only fair. While walking around Bordeaux the previous day we’d noted that Lalique had opened a hotel and restaurant only three weeks ago near to Sauternes. We checked it out and booked a table for lunch.

While the chateaux of Medoc were either side of the D2, those in Graves and Sauternes were sprinkled among the extensive forests which from time to time gave way to acres of manicured vines. The villages were pretty but rather more bucolic. As we drove around the early clouds lifted, the sun came out to play and the mercury rose.

As anticipated, the hotel showcased Lalique’s full product range and really had the “WOW” factor. We sat in a sunny extension to the chateau overlooking the ripening grapes and enjoyed the theatre of a lovely light luncheon concocted to perfectly meet my exacting dietary requirements, with matching wines. It was sublime! Reluctantly we took our leave to head for our next stop in Bayonne.

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