Holiday photos: day 12

Vive la Revolution! We celebrated Bastille Day in Bayonne, a city we’d only previously visited. The weekend changed all of that as we happily pottered around the Old Town, the cathedral, the market and along the banks of the Adour and Neve rivers. As usual I was snapping away at all the buildings.

It had rained the night before and the day was warm and muggy which necessitated quite a bit of refuelling as we ambled along the cobbled streets of the Old Town. We were now in the Basque country so there were bars, cafes and restaurants a plenty. I was tempted by some octopus which I begrudgingly shared with my beloved. Don’t you just hate it when someone says they’re not hungry and then proceeds to eat your lunch?

Late afternoon we tottered back to the hotel to put our feet up and enjoy the complimentary aperos and nibbles, followed by the magnificent televised concert and firework dusplay from Paris. On the hotel terrace we enjoyed the local, and more modest than Paris, firework display though our thoughts were with the victims of the terrorist attack in Nice two years ago.  Vive la France!

5 Comments on “Holiday photos: day 12

  1. So beautiful. Haha Ben and I always do the “nah its ok im not hungry”. Then we share the food hahaha. Lovely photo


  2. So this is the French Bayonne. It is vastly different from the one I find myself in. Here there are no cobbled streets or bistros, but it’s not half bad, I suppose.
    In our case, I am the one usually guilty of pecking on my husband’s order! :-/

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  3. Amazing! Do you realize how great it is to see these places. Thanks for giving those of us who are stuck at home to visit along with you.

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  4. Don’t worry Doug, I do know how lucky I am.

    Hope you’re not anywhere near the fires in California. Looks so frightening on the news. Of coursr, we have them here too, just not on the same scale.


  5. We loved absolutely everything about Bayonne and I’m so glad we made a decision to include this place in our itinerary. Would love to go back one day 😀 Aiva

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