Holiday photos: day 16

We’ve settled into a bit of a routine here in Saint Jean de Luz. We rise late and head out for breakfast at one of the two main Basque patisseries, Paries, which we’ve discovered has the best breakfast in town and excellent coffee.

After breakfast we potter around the town and then walk back along the beach in the surf. Since neither of us is moving particularly fast, this takes quite a while! Once back at the hotel we enjoy a spot of Thalassotheraphy and exercise in the gym to work up some appetite for lunch. I generally prefer to eat at lunchtime then have a tapas or two in the evening with a glass of wine.

While we’ve never before stayed in Saint Jean de Luz, we’ve stayed nearby and visited many times. It’s nice to revisit restaurants and equally good to find new ones. Typically, I look for those with short seasonal menus. We’ve found a couple of new ones to add to our list. We’ve also located a bar that does an excellent Aperol Spritz. This is the type of research I enjoy undertaking. Maybe I should’ve been a restaurant critic?

Saint Jean de Luz also has an excellent market and we’re not above buying stuff from the various traiteurs and market stalls to enjoy as a picnic lunch. Of course, I never travel anywhere without my wine bottle opener and two sets of cutlery. And no, in case you were wondering, I was never a girl guide.




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