Holiday photos: day 21

We quickly settled into daily life in San Sebastian. We rose late (for us) and, after a quick cup of coffee, went down to the beach. My beloved swam while I paddled in the shallow waters. I can swim, it’s just that I prefer to walk up and down in the surf. By the time we’re ready for breakfast at one of our many favourite spots, the beach is rapidly starting to fill up. Largely, it must be said, with Spanish families.

I enjoy the Spanish equivalent of avocado on toast. That’s toast, olive oil and tomatoes. My beloved meanwhile is working his way through the delicious looking pastries. At the end of the holiday, he’ll opine on his favourite and sadly I’ll have to take his word for it.

After breakfast, we’ll stop by the market to pick up a few things for lunch or dinner. I love using the area’s bountiful produce to whip up a cold soup, tartine or salad. Some days, generally weather dependent, we may eat out at lunchtime. If not, we may stop for another coffee before ambling back to the flat for lunch.

If we’ve eaten lunch out, we may opt for a siesta. If not, we may just put our feet up and read for a bit or maybe check on the progress of friends riding in the Tour de France. Later we’ll go for another stroll on the wide, sandy beach and then wend our way to one of the town’s many watering holes. We’ve already identified those that serve great Aperol Spritzs. One generally just hits the spot. We may have a pintxos or two to accompany our drink, depending on whether we had lunch out.

We generally walk back along the beach boadwalk watching the sun disappear beneath the silvery waves. We’re not the only ones, sunset attracts a crowd. We amble back to our flat, maybe stopping for a nightcap along the way. Tomorrow’s another day.

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