Holiday photos: day 25

Typically when we come to San Sebstian it’s to watch the one-day bike race, La Clasica, and we’ll stay a few days either side of the race. The first time we came, we were able to watch a local race the Prueba Villafranca-Ordiziako Klasika, then held on the last day of the Tour de France, which was won by neo-pro Gorka Izagirre (2010) riding for Euskatel-Euskadi, he’s since won it a further two times. This edition was won by Rob Power (Mitchelton-Scott), his first professional win. We would probably have gone to watch it had my beloved not high-tailed it to the UK for a few days.

On Thursday I went to the Town Hall to see the presentation of this year’s Clasica San Sebastian. The route is broadly similar to last year’s though there are some tweaks. The race attracts a stellar cast and is usually won by a rider who showed great form in the last week of the Tour. But the big news from today’s presentation was the organisers’ intent to hold a ladies race over a similar course on the same day next year. This is a fantastic move and I would encourage the UCI when it’s looking at the classification of races for the WorldTour to give precedent to one-day races that organise them for both the guys and the gals.


4 Comments on “Holiday photos: day 25

  1. San Sebastian was already a destination of choice for me, but a bike race as well! In the old days there was the Red Zinger (in Colorado), then replaced by the Coors Classic. Bicycling racing doesn’t have the endurance in the US as it does in Europe, but it’s still great fun to follow the races that do get traction. Thanks for all the views you give of the European version of all this.

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  2. If you’re a fan of bike racing, check out, where I and others blog about bike racing. My crack cake teasting team includes three American riders who live in Nice: Ian Boswell, Joe Dombrowski and Larry Warbasse. They’re lovely lads. I get the impression that bike racing is on the up in the States.


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