Holiday photos: day 28

Blimey, it’s August! Where’s this year gone? It’s a fact that the older you get, the quicker time flies by and you become conscious of the trickling sand in the timer. And, we’ve been away for whole month. Although, it’s lovely and sunny here in San Sebastian, it’s considerably cooler (thank goodness) than back home on the Cote d’Azur which is enjoying a veritable heatwave.

While it was relatively cool, I enjoyed picking up fresh produce daily from San Sebastian’s two permanent markets. My favourite is probably La Brexta on the Boulevard which, as the city’s oldest market, oozes Basque history and food culture. Named for and built over the original breach, or bretxa, in the city walls this place has it all, making it one of the best gourmet markets. Sadly, many of its products are on my forbidden list (see header photo) but I still love looking and inhaling – that’s okay isn’t it?

San Sebastian’s other market, San Martin, is newer and near the Buen Pastor Church. It’s open all day and is a great option for lunch as many of the stalls offer delicious pintxos, and more! On Thursday evenings, local bands play music and vendors offer free fresh pintxos to those buying drinks, making it a popular event. This is a practice common throughout the Basque country in all its bars on Thursday evenings. The free offerings are typically limited to one or two types of pintxos. San Sebastian also has a Saturday farmers’ and craft market which is another moveable feast!

2 Comments on “Holiday photos: day 28

  1. Oh yes that is awesome market on Boulevard, my favorite. We were there we open the place with the early risers, we came every time , my father went with me once and he loaded up on Spanish stuff we cannot find here! Great post cheers

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