Holiday photos: day 30

Often when my beloved and I cycle over to and around Monaco, we pick an expensive marque of car, such as Aston Martin, and count how many we see. Certain marques such as Porsche are ten-a-penny and have been dropped, as has Maserati and Ferrari.

We cannot indulge this in the Basque country, instead we count sets of twins. A phenomenon I noticed on our early trips where all those double prams and buggies contained siblings of the same age.

I probably haven’t been quite so diligent this trip largely because of my sore hamstring/knee which has hindered my usual swift walking to check the contents of said prams and buggies, however I’ve still spotted 11 13 sets of twins.

To further comfuse me the Spanish are fond of dressing same-sex siblings in identical outfits, which puts my twin antennae on high alert until I appreciate that one child is taller than the other and they’re just siblings, rather than twins.

I’m not sure why the incidence of twins is so high and I’ve asked Basque friends for explanations but they have none. I understand IVF often produces twins. Anyone have any ideas? Of course, I asked Google and it appears that twins are more common in Spain which is the  frontrunner in Europe for multiple births, and they’re on the increase! And yes, IVF is partly but not wholly the cause.

5 Comments on “Holiday photos: day 30

  1. Oh my, that’s a lot of twins. I’ve only seen 5 pairs of twins in Vietnam my entire life. And they’re always dressed the same (kids only). I wonder if they really like to be dressed like that.

    Yeah, same-sex siblings sometimes dress the same here too, especially when they’re around the same age. When I was younger, my parents bought me and my sister the same clothes all the time, but I always refused to wear it when she’s wearing it. I just prefer to be seen as me, not us. My parents still sometimes buy us the same clothes now… I really don’t get it.

    Other people usually think it’s cute when they see 2 kids who dress the same. I just feel nah, I wouldn’t want to be in their position lol.

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    • Yes and it’s something I’ve only noticed in the Basque country. My mother occasionally dressed my sister and I in similar outfits and I didn’t like it one bit. I’m quite sure I’m not the only one!

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